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Whether you've experienced participant-centered training before, or you simply appreciate the convenience of a virtual experience, the free webinar series can be a powerful tool in your training arsenal.  

Live Webinars

The Roles of Presenter vs. Trainer vs. Facilitator

June 20 | 11 AM CST
In your training life, you wear several hats. Training, presenting, and facilitating may all fit under one umbrella, but each requires a distinct set of skills and has its best use. Knowing when, why, and how to switch between roles will help you stand out from the crowd!

WII-FM The Radio Channel Everyone Needs

July 18 | 11 AM CST
Each participant in every audience shares one thing in common, they all have the radio station WII-FM playing in their mind during your presentation. Tune in to: WII-FM (What’s in it for me?) as we turn down the static and find the frequency that syncs our users to our content.

What I Learned About Training at the Movies

August 22 | 11 AM CST
In this workshop, you’ll watch clips from your favorite films… but you’ll see them in a way you never have before.

Making Creative Training Techniques Work for You

September 12 | 1 PM CST
Come experience the best of Instructor-Led Participant-Centered virtual training as we explore ways you can make this powerful training approach your own.

Leveraging Personality Assessment Tools in Training

October 24 | 1:00 PM CT
Dive into the world of personality assessment tools to transform your training approach. 

More Virtual Games Grown Ups Play

November 7 | 11:00 AM CT
Join this lively session and see how low-tech and no-tech games can promote friendly competition, recognize achievement, and reward learning.


Putting the Fun Back into PowerPoint

May 16 | Recording
Explore creative ways to incorporate animation, music, annotation, video and more. Discover tactics you can use to design brilliant looking re-usable templates even if you’re not a graphic designer. See example of good, better, best to make your slides yummier than ever!

Master the Room: Emotional Intelligence for Trainers

April 11 | Recording
Join us to gain a deeper understanding of why emotional intelligence is crucial to successful training and learn practical techniques to help you connect with learners on an emotional level.

Royalty-Free Deejaying for Everyone

March 7 | Recording
Together we’ll discover sources of high-quality royalty-free tracks you can use in your training, discuss important considerations when choosing tunes for different parts of your session, and cover important “Need to Know” basics regarding copyright and licensing for music that isn’t royalty-free.

Dealing with Difficult Participants

February 8 | Recording
In this session you’ll identify difficult online training behaviors and specific strategies to minimize, redirect and cleverly overcome them without breaking a sweat.

24 Ways Trainers Can Self-Help in ’24

January 16 | Recording
Join Becky for an energetic hour exploring simple changes you can make that will impact your training world. With 24 ideas for 2024, you’re guaranteed to take away helpful nuggets and motivation to invest in yourself.

Creating Interactive Recorded Trainings

December 14 | Recording
Learning is an active process. But often, recorded trainings can feel like a passive, lecture-based, sit-and-get experience for the learner. How can you create recorded trainings that maintain an interactive flare?

Making Virtual Training Memorable!

November 16 | Recording
To cut through the noise, your virtual presentation needs to hook your audience from the start, keep them engaged throughout, and deliver a highly memorable message to drive lasting retention.

Chunking Content

October 26 | Recording
Chunking content is a critical aspect of training design. It’s a process of finding creative ways to break content up into digestible pieces and incorporate interactivity for maximum retention.

Reduce Tension to Increase Retention

September 14 | Recording
Even a detail as small as a road map and schedule brings adults in-the-know and provides the feeling of control they crave. These are examples of reducing tension to increase retention—best practices at The Bob Pike Group.

Zoom Games for Grown Ups

August 3 | Recording
Who says virtual training can't be fun? In this session, learn how to use virtual games to drive engagement and creativity in your session.

The Trainer’s Guide to Podcasting

July 12 | Recording
Takeaway a game plan for quickly creating messages that matter, building your audience, and translating it all into training results.

Creating Storyboards to Enhance Your Training Design

June 22 | Recording
This session examines the role of storyboards within instructional design and provides advice on when to use them.

State of the Industry—What Every Trainer Needs to Know

May 18 | Recording
This session is your chance to be in the know, in on the discussion, and equipped to make data driven decisions that impact the way to approach your work.

Slide Decks that Inspire (and Don’t Tire) Your Learners

April 20 | Recording
Your slide deck is NOT your training! It’s a visual aid to your training, and in this hour we’ll explore the characteristics that good slide decks share.

Crack into Learner Motivation

March 23 | Recording
Ever had a difficult participant in one of your trainings? Thankfully, most difficult behaviors can be minimized if you understand how to motivate your learners.

Virtual Training, Been There, Done That?

February 9 | Recording
Join Kim and discover some of our favorite interactive ways to break preoccupation, build camaraderie in session, engineer curiosity by flipping the virtual classroom, and celebrate learning as it occurs.

Fresh Year, Fresh Ideas

January 13 | Recording
Ease into the New Year with this fast, fun, free session that will give you easy-to-use ideas to freshen up your training and delight your learners. Special guest Erin from C3 Softworks will cofacilitate with Becky to model gameshow software you can use to teach content.

10 Ways to Boost Your Facilitation Skills

December 15 | Recording
This webinar explores 10 ways to boost your facilitation skills that will directly influence learner engagement and retention during training and offer strategies for managing difficult situations with poise and calmness.

Making Training Memorable

October 13, 2022 | Recording
Join Collin to discuss strategies that help move concepts from short- to long-term memory.

Leading More Effective Group Discussions

September 22, 2022 | Recording
This webinar provides 10 strategies for leading more effective group discussions and will provide specific advice on how to draw out helpful contributions from participants and stay on time. 

Virtual Meeting & Training Icebreakers

September 1, 2022 | Recording

When you deploy the right icebreaker at the start of your virtual meeting, you help participants get mentally in the room, connect with one another, focus on a common goal, and get energized to contribute.


Notecards to Spreadsheets: Tools, Tech, Tricks for Managing Participant-Centered Training

August 4 | Recording

In this session, learn about leader guides, flow spreadsheets, apps, and gear that will keep your content organized so you can concentrate on your learners.


3 Bad Habits to Dump—and 3 Better Ways

July 14, 2022 | Recording

Join Kim for this session where she’ll reveal three bad habits you may not even be aware of when you train—and easy fixes. Your learners thank you in advance!


How to Set Up Fool-Proof Learning Activities

June 16, 2022 | Recording

Join Collin, and he’ll show you how to insure your activities to ensure your success!


Creating Compelling Presentations for F2F or Online

May 26, 2022 | Recording

Discover a dozen shortcuts, quick starts, and creative strategies to design and deliver powerful presentations.


Back to Class: More Creative F2F Training Than Ever Before

May 5, 2022 | Recording

If there’s ever been a time to turn over a new leaf, let it be now. As you resume training people face-to-face, vow to make it 100% participant-centered.


4 Fun Ways to Add Video to Training

April 7, 2022 | Recording

Learn four fun ways you can add video to your programs even if you’re not a techie. Your sessions will have a new dimension when you make video work for you!


Virtual Meeting Fixer Upper

March 24, 2022 | Recording

Join Kim to experience creative ways you can fix up your virtual meetings to make your time online easier and more effective.


Assessing Without Testing

March 3, 2022 | Recording

Assessing is the critical function in training that helps you the trainer know when to move on to the next topic, how participants are experiencing the program, and if they are able to implement the skills you are teaching. 


Putting Creative Training Techniques Into Practice

February 17, 2022 | Recording

This session is all about the implementations phase of Creative Training Techniques®. Discover handy tips on how to set up your learning space for success and get the most out of participant-centered techniques.


New Year, New Trends: How Training is Changing in 2022

January 6 | Recording
Explore where we’ve come from, what stopped working, and what needs to happen next to meet the rapidly changing demands of your business.

E.A.T. for Training Health

October 26 | Recording
In this session, learn a variety of ways to give your participants an experience that opens the door for learning and increases retention of your content.

Making Feedback Work for You

October 14 | Recording
Formative assessments used throughout a training provide valuable information for the instructor to gauge levels of mastery and adjust their instruction accordingly. They also provide feedback to the learner without feeling like a test.

Job Aids that Jumpstart Learning

September 10 | Recording
Pieces like worksheets, one-pagers, punch lists, cheat sheet, and memory joggers remind employees how to do tasks and prevent mistakes in the workplace. Job aids ensure a reliable process and outcome!

The New Face 2 Face Training Experience

August 26 | Recording
Prepare for a return to classroom F2F training and make classrooms safe and attendees comfortable. This is your chance to grab tested ideas and also share what people expect in your workplace or industry as we all figure new normal out together!

5 Roles in Online Training

July 29 | Recording
In a world of virtual work, business-casual is out and dress for your day is in! Similarly, it’s good to prepare for virtual training according to the role you intend to play. Whether you are a participant, producer, moderator, facilitator or trainer, each role is distinct from the others. Better to not get caught off-guard!

Miro-Miro On the Wall...

July 8 | Recording
The Bob Pike Group is all about working the wall, flip charts, games, survey, storyboard, mindmaps and displaying our work for the class to see (and keep!). With Miro, we’ve been able to bring that functionality and more to our virtual programs, and so can you!

Hidden Gems of Breakout Rooms

May 27 | Recording
Breakout rooms are a tool to help you facilitate peer learning and make your job as a trainer easier.  The more active participants are in their learning, the more they remember and ultimately apply.

3 Apps to Make Assessing and Polling Questions Fun!

May 6 | Recording
Learn about the free add-ons you can use to effectively poll, assess and expertly handle Q&A during online training.

5 Ways to Rock Your Virtual Classroom

April 22 | Recording
Most virtual training is as stale as elevator music. But with a tiny extra effort, you can transform virtual training into a high energy, high impact, FUN experience.

It's a Keeper: Creating Digital Handouts People will Save Forever

April 8 | Recording
Discover how to create awesome takeaways—not throwaways—that add value to your online training and serve as a resource long after training is done.

7 Worst Mistakes in Virtual Training

March 18 | Recording
Discover the 7 worst mistakes that make virtual learning drag and learn easy fixes you can apply to your own content!

Stop "Zoombies" From Ruining Your Training

March 2 | Recording
Online meeting fatigue is a real problem that turns some people into Zoombies. Discover best practices to engage people who don’t have say-so about being in the virtual room.

Your Checklist for Kick Ass Virtual Training

February 18 | Recording

Join Erin for a fast-paced hour focused on a diagnostic you can use to assess your virtual training programs. Your learners will thank you in advance!


Wow with Webex, Zoom, or Whatever

January 21, 2021 | Recording
It’s time to make your job training online easier. And there’s no better or more effective way than putting people in charge of their learning with interactive techniques.

Become a Powerpoint Ninja

January 7, 2021 | Recording
Master PowerPoint with tips, tricks and shortcuts that will help deliver your message in an impressive way and transform how you train. Don't let clunky slides keep your content from shining!

Don't Let the Clock Run Out on 2020 Without Doing This

December 17, 2020 | Recording

Tune in as Becky hosts a highly caffeinated session that will give you new ideas for a new year.


4 Steps to Design Success

November 19 | Recording
This one-hour webinar introduces you to the 4-step instructional design process and the elements that make each step powerful.

Interactive Cross-Training: Techniques that Work Live and Online

October 29, 2020 | Recording

Join Erin and pick up easy techniques to get maximum engagement in any setting. Bob Pike Group clients consistently say our training is fun, even refreshing. Yours can be too!


The Future of Training Revealed

October 15, 2020 | Recording

Be in-the-know on fading practices, latest trends and the future of training. Join Becky and be part of the conversation on how to embrace changes in the training industry and not be left behind. Explore where we’ve come from, what stopped working, and what needs to happen next to meet the rapidly changing demands businesses like yours will face.


Boot Scoot and Boogie with Participant-Centered Training

September 17, 2020 | Recording

Could your training use a little wiggle? Join this fun session to learn new ideas that are proven to work, even with mandated training!


Design Shortcuts to Move Training Online—Fast!

September 8, 2020 | Recording

Join Erin and pick up shortcuts for converting classroom training to online delivery. In times like these, the mantra 80% and out the door is your friend.


How to Present with Pizzazz Online

August 28, 2020 | Recording

The pros make presenting look easy, but the reality is it involves hours of preparation and practice. Discover 25 tips for designing and delivering powerful virtual presentations. Borrow ideas from the best so you can confidently present to handful or hundreds every time.


The Role of Producer (and why Every Webinar Needs One)

August 11, 2020 | Recording
Like a caddy to a golfer, a producer helps you avoid the bunkers of live virtual training. Join Kim to learn how you can play this essential role for colleagues or ramp someone up to assist you.

How to Present with Pizzazz Online

July 9, 2020 | Recording

The pros make presenting look easy, but the reality is it involves hours of preparation and practice. Discover 25 tips for designing and delivering powerful virtual presentations. Borrow ideas from the best so you can confidently present to handful or hundreds every time.


Turn Classroom Content into Microlearning

June 26, 2020 | Recording
In this session, you’ll discuss how to chunk existing content into microlessons, transform classroom and elearning modules into quick bursts of training, and deliver it in a nice red bow!

Your Training Is Live-Online, Now What?

June 12, 2020 | Recording

Congratulations, your training is online. Getting there was monumental effort—now keeping people checked in and coming back is even tougher. Join Erin as she models participant-centered training techniques for live, online audiences. Experience the difference and see if your program passes the engagement test.


Dealing with Difficult Webinar Behaviors

June 4, 2020 | Recording
With the right techniques, you can harness your audience into the driver’s seat for an exciting virtual training.

Powerhouse Virtual Design

May 21, 2020 | Recording

Glean insights from The Bob Pike Group’s experience designing hundreds of training courses for some of the best-known companies in the world.


A Beginner’s Guide to Interactive Virtual Training

May 11, 2020 | Recording

Virtual training can feel intimidating for someone who’s used to face-to-face settings. We’re here to help you get a grip and gain confidence so your content can shine just as brightly online as it does in person.


Turn Classroom Content into Microlearning—QUICK!

April 20 2020 | Recording
In this session, you’ll discuss how to drill down to what learners need-to-know, keep it quick, and deliver it in a nice red bow!

9 Tips to Keep ’em Coming Back for More Virtual Training

April 13 2020 | Recording
Discover how to make your webinars capture attention from the moment learners login, and keep their attention the whole way through.

12 Killer Presentation Tactics for Talent Development

March 19 | Recording
This session will explore how to harness presentation techniques to increase engagement and upskill talent.

Making Microlearning Manageable

February 13 | Recording
In this session, experience microlearning in action and discover how to create micro lessons that are manageable, sustainable and immediately usable.

New Year, New You

January 23 | Recording
This free webinar will give you fresh ideas to build new training habits in the New Year.

Turn up the Heat on Participant-Centered Training

December 19, 2019 | Recording
Add Creative Training Techniques® to your repertoire that will make your job easier and participants’ experiences more meaningful.

No More Boring Training, Please!

November 14, 2019 | Recording
Discover how to integrate game elements to any learning program, offline or online, and engage users with fun training that gets the job done.

Mastering Learning Objectives

October 17, 2019 | Recording
Discover how to write strong objectives to help you gauge if the right learning is taking place in your training program.

Quick Energizers for Live and Virtual Training

When energy plummets in class, your job gets tougher. Experience for yourself how energizers can rescue you and help people get ready to learn.

Become a Master Trainer

Explore four tracks that can lead you to professional certifications and new opportunities.

The Interactive Virtual Trainer

Experience how virtual training can be every bit as interactive as classroom with the right approach. Increase your confidence to deliver virtually as Scott models simple techniques you can use immediately.

Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

Experience specific coping strategies and techniques to help redirect disruptions and keep everyone engaged.

Why Games Help People Learn


12 Energizers That Aren't Time Wasters


Better PowerPoint, Please!

This one-hour webinar is devoted to showing non-graphic designers how to spiff up their decks for better training.

BPG Explains Creative Training Techniques®

Earn Your Virtual Trainer Certification

Pick Your Track