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The Best Train-the-Trainer Training, Period.

Training That Transforms

Transform your training outcomes with the Creative Training Techniques® you’ll master in our workshops. Grounded in behavioral psychology and adult learning principles, these techniques motivate and empower people to become active participants in their own learning process—and that includes you, the trainer.

When you walk away from a Bob Pike Group workshop, you will understand firsthand the benefits of the instructor-led, participant-centered approach. You’ll find yourself brimming with ideas for how to apply our proven approach to your own course design and start achieving real change within your organization.

Up Your Game

Our selection of workshops are tailored for trainers, teams, and leaders. Select from the items below to learn more about topics of interest.



Stop lecturing and reach people in the classroom.

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Performance Consulting

Position yourself as a subject matter expert with management.

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Presentation Skills

Stop sweating and deliver solidly every time.

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Instructional Design

Teach more efficiently by creating curriculums that work.

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Webinars that Work

Truly engage people from afar with any subject.

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Social Learning

Advanced training for the attention-impaired.

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Learn how games have the power to add to training without distracting.

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Learn how to deliver content in smaller, specific bursts for “just enough, just in time” segments.

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Need Additional Help?

We Also Deliver Custom Design Training Services

From Post-Workshop Sessions To Delivering Fully Customized Training Platforms, We’ve Got You Covered.

Some of the world’s top organizations rely on us to help them develop new solutions to achieve organizational growth and cost reductions. Every client has different needs and we develop true partnerships that ensure success at all levels.

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