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3 Examples of How to Theme a Presentation

Let’s dive into examples of real themed workshops we’ve created.
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7 Deadly Sins of PowerPoint

Today, we're going on an adventure through the treacherous world of PowerPoint, where boring ...
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6 PowerPoint Superpowers

Ready to take your PowerPoint game to superhero levels? Get ready for a wild ride, because ...
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5 Tips to Elevate Your PowerPoint Presentations

Are your PowerPoint presentations falling flat? Do you want to create slides that captivate ...
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5 Biggest PowerPoint Time-Eaters

You’re designing a sweet new PowerPoint. But if you’re not careful, some sneaky culprits ...
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4 Ways to Ignite Engagement with Your Slides

Want to inject some excitement and energy into your presentations? Join us as we explore 4 ...
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3 Signs You’re a Smooth PowerPoint Designer and Presenter

Ready to reach the pinnacle of PowerPoint mastery? Let's explore three powerful signs you’re ...
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7 webinar closers that call learners to action

The game is resting on their shoulders.
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23 webinar ice breakers with a purpose

Your learners are wondering three things. I’m talking about the burning questions on their ...
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3 ways to instantly make your webinars more FUN

Lecture. Boredom. Forgettable content.
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5 Biggest Mistakes Virtual Trainers Make

Have you made any of them?
Blog Post Thumbnail: a man in a suit working but asleep

10 Reasons Webinar Learners Tune Out

While you watch the movie clip below, be thinking about all the various factors that make ...
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