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People are working from home, but training continues. Experience how virtual training can be just as engaging and effective as classroom training when it's participant-centered.

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Register for an upcoming Interactive Virtual Trainer, Microlearning or Virtual Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp to get expert guidance and easy-to-implement tips to adapt your classroom content for remote work and learning.

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The Bob Pike Group will help to quickly convert your classroom training into virtual training you can deliver to your students or employees.

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Overwhelmed at the thought of moving your training and classroom courses online? Let the experts at The Bob Pike Group help!

Train-the-Trainer Online Workshops

Experience the cornerstone of our innovative participant-centered methodology for classroom training - delivered to you live, online.

Interactive Virtual Trainer

Attend an upcoming Interactive Virtual Trainer Workshop to experience a crash course in delivering your own participant-centered webinars on any platform.

Microlearning Online Workshops

Microlearning delivers pre-recorded learning material straight to a user's mobile device. These smaller learning segments allow for increased accessibility, retention, and engagement from students and employees.

Instructional Design Online Edition

Discover a repeatable, 4-step process for creating training that engages learners while reducing training time by 25-50% and cutting prep time in half!

Virtual Presentation Skills Crash Course

Online meetings, trainings, and pitches even challenge seasoned presenters because of technology and distance. The crash course will tackle all of these challenges and more!

Making Zoom Interactive Crash Course

Online meeting fatigue turns some people into Zoombies. But not when you leverage Zoom’s built-in tools to make training participant-centered! Build creative, purposeful interactivity into your sessions to sharply increase participants’ motivation and interest in training.

Rapid Design for Virtual Training Crash Course

Get the basics of virtual design—everything you need to know to quickly create or convert training for online delivery. Discover shortcuts to design interactive virtual training that will delight trainers, audiences, and business leaders.

Introduction to Performance Consulting Crash Course

When performance is the question, more training isn’t always the answer. Learn how to eliminate costly training that doesn’t add value—and start doing the right training, at the right time, for the right people. This crash course gives you the skills you need to earn an influential role shaping training strategy.

Producing for Webinars Crash Course

Virtual instruction can feel overwhelming to facilitators and learners, and any small distraction can derail training. This is where the producer steps in! As the facilitator’s co-pilot, the producer provides an extra set of hands to help with technicalities, answer questions, solve issues, record the session, work one-on-one with participants, upload and send out files, and so much more.

Better Virtual Meetings Crash Course

The old-fashioned meeting isn’t going away—it’s evolving. This crash course will help you master the art of virtual meetings whether you are tech-minded or not. These essential skills will help any professional who facilitates online meetings or manages remote/distanced teams.

Creating Effective Assessments Crash Course

Discover how you can improve student learning and your instruction when you creatively utilize assessments. Join this crash course to engage in several types of assessments and begin creating your own!

The feedback I am getting from the team is all outstanding! We are actively redesigning a number of programs and will set up “tiger teams” to chunk out our content over the next few weeks and build the programs!

Julie Thomas

President and CEO


Attended custom Interactive Virtual Training workshop

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The roles of Presenter vs. Trainer vs. Facilitator

June 20 | 11 AM CST
In your training life, you wear several hats. Training, presenting, and facilitating may all fit under one umbrella, but each requires a distinct set of skills and has its best use. Knowing when, why, and how to switch between roles will help you stand out from the crowd!

WII-FM The Radio Channel Everyone Needs

July 18 | 11 AM CST
Each participant in every audience shares one thing in common, they all have the radio station WII-FM playing in their mind during your presentation. Tune in to: WII-FM (What’s in it for me?) as we turn down the static and find the frequency that syncs our users to our content.

hat I Learned About Training at the Movies

August 22 | 11 AM CST
In this workshop, you’ll watch clips from your favorite films… but you’ll see them in a way you never have before.

Making Creative Training Techniques Work for You

September 12 | 1 PM CST
Come experience the best of Instructor-Led Participant-Centered virtual training as we explore ways you can make this powerful training approach your own.

Leveraging Personality Assessment Tools in Training

October 24 | 1:00 PM CT
Dive into the world of personality assessment tools to transform your training approach.

More Virtual Games Grown Ups Play

November 7 | 11:00 AM CT
Join this lively session and see how low-tech and no-tech games can promote friendly competition, recognize achievement, and reward learning.

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Get your shopping fix while improving your training program … all from the comfort of home! Our online store is filled with kits, books, and more that are filled to the brim with great training tips, tricks, and how-tos.


Webinars with WOW Factor: Tips, Tricks and Interactive Activities for Webinars

This book written by Becky Pike Pluth focuses on designing creative webinars, increasing knowledge retention, and ultimately transferring learning on to the job.

virtual trainer kit items

Virtual Trainer Kit

Your step-by-step resource for participant-centered virtual training. Use these powerful tools to create on-line training that is just as interactive and effective as classroom training.

Laptop screen displaying 'BRAVOZONE' interactive training platform with game-like graphics and scoreboard.

Start Creating Today!

Experience how easy it is to build and deliver a powerful training experience!

Free Pre-recorded Webinars on Demand

New Year, New Trends: How Training is Changing in 2022

January 6 | Recording
Explore where we’ve come from, what stopped working, and what needs to happen next to meet the rapidly changing demands of your business.

E.A.T. for Training Health

October 14 | Recording
In this session, learn a variety of ways to give your participants an experience that opens the door for learning and increases retention of your content.

Making Feedback Work for You

October 14 | Recording
Formative assessments used throughout a training provide valuable information for the instructor to gauge levels of master and adjust their instruction accordingly. They also provide feedback to the learner without feeling like a test.

Job Aids that Jumpstart Learning

September 10 | Recording
Pieces like worksheets, one-pagers, punch lists, cheat sheet, and memory joggers remind employees how to do tasks and prevent mistakes in the workplace. Job aids ensure a reliable process and outcome.

The New Face 2 Face Training Experience

August 26 | Recording
Prepare for a return to classroom F2F training and make classrooms safe and attendees comfortable. This is your chance to grab tested ideas and also share what people expect in your workplace or industry as we all figure new normal out together!

5 Roles in Online Training

July 29 | Recording
In a world of virtual work, business-casual is out and dress for your day is in! Similarly, it’s good to prepare for virtual training according to the role you intend to play. Whether you are a participant, producer, moderator, facilitator or trainer, each role is distinct from the others. Better to not get caught off-guard!

Miro-Miro on the Wall...

July 8 | Recording
The Bob Pike Group is all about working the wall, flip charts, games, survey, storyboard, mindmaps and displaying our work for the class to see (and keep!). With Miro, we’ve been able to bring that functionality and more to our virtual programs, and so can you!

Hidden Gems of Breakout Rooms

May 27, 2021 | Recording
Breakout rooms are a tool to help you facilitate peer learning and make your job as a trainer easier. The more active participants are in their learning, the more they remember and ultimately apply.

3 Apps to Make Assessing and Polling Questions Fun!

May 6 | Recording

Learn about the free add-ons you can use to effectively poll, assess and expertly handle Q&A during online training.


5 Ways to Rock Your Virtual Classroom

April 22 | Recording

Most virtual training is as stale as elevator music. But with a tiny extra effort, you can transform virtual training into a high energy, high impact, FUN experience.


It's a Keeper: Creating Digital Handouts People will Save Forever

April 8 | Recording

Discover how to create awesome takeaways—not throwaways—that add value to your online training and serve as a resource long after training is done. 


7 Worst Mistakes in Virtual Training

March 18 | Recording

Discover the 7 worst mistakes that make virtual learning drag and learn easy fixes you can apply to your own content!


Stop "Zoombies" From Ruining Your Training

March 2 | Recording

Online meeting fatigue is a real problem that turns some people into Zoombies. Discover best practices to engage people who don’t have say-so about being in the virtual room.


Your Checklist for Kick Ass Virtual Training

February 18 | Recording

Join Erin for a fast-paced hour focused on a diagnostic you can use to assess your virtual training programs. Your learners will thank you in advance!


Wow with Webex, Zoom or Whatever

January 21 | Recording
It’s time to make your job training online easier. And there’s no better or more effective way than putting people in charge of their learning with interactive techniques.

Become a Powerpoint Ninja

January 7 | Recording
Master PowerPoint with tips, tricks and shortcuts that will help deliver your message in an impressive way and transform how you train. Don't let clunky slides keep your content from shining!

Don't Let the Clock Run Out on 2020 Without Doing This

December 17, 2020 | Recording

Tune in as Becky hosts a highly caffeinated session that will give you new ideas for a new year.


Interactive Cross-Training: Techniques that Work Live and Online

October 29, 2020 | Recording
Pick up easy techniques to get maximum engagement in any setting. Bob Pike Group clients consistently say our training is fun, even refreshing. Yours can be too!

The Future of Training Revealed

October 15, 2020 | Recording

Be in-the-know on fading practices, latest trends and the future of training. Join Becky and be part of the conversation on how to embrace changes in the training industry and not be left behind. Explore where we’ve come from, what stopped working, and what needs to happen next to meet the rapidly changing demands businesses like yours will face.


Boot Scoot and Boogie with Participant-Centered Training

September 17, 2020 | Recording

Could your training use a little wiggle? Join this fun session to learn new ideas that are proven to work, even with mandated training!


Design Shortcuts to Move Training Online—Fast!

September 8, 2020 | Recording

Join Erin and pick up shortcuts for converting classroom training to online delivery. In times like these, the mantra 80% and out the door is your friend.


How to Present with Pizzazz Online

August 28, 2020 | Recording

The pros make presenting look easy, but the reality is it involves hours of preparation and practice. Discover 25 tips for designing and delivering powerful virtual presentations. Borrow ideas from the best so you can confidently present to handful or hundreds every time.


The Role of Producer (and why Every Webinar Needs One)

August 11, 2020 | Recording

Listen people, your job is hard enough—don’t let technology get in the way! Whether it’s training for 10 or thousands, Bob Pike Group webinars include a producer in the background every time. Like a caddy to a golfer, a producer helps you avoid the bunkers of live virtual training. Join Kim to learn how you can play this essential role for colleagues or ramp someone up to assist you.


How to Present with Pizzazz Online

July 9, 2020 | Recording

The pros make presenting look easy, but the reality is it involves hours of preparation and practice. Discover 25 tips for designing and delivering powerful virtual presentations. Borrow ideas from the best so you can confidently present to handful or hundreds every time.


Turn Classroom Content into Microlearning

June 26, 2020 | Recording
In this session, you’ll discuss how to chunk existing content into microlessons, transform classroom and elearning modules into quick bursts of training, and deliver it in a nice red bow!

Dealing with Difficult Webinar Behaviors

June 4, 2020 | Recording
With the right techniques, you can harness your audience into the driver’s seat for an exciting virtual training.

Powerhouse Virtual Design

May 21, 2020 | Recording
Glean insights from The Bob Pike Group’s experience designing hundreds of training courses for some of the best-known companies in the world.

A Beginner’s Guide to Interactive Virtual Training

May 11, 2020 | Recording

Virtual training can feel intimidating for someone who’s used to face-to-face settings. We’re here to help you get a grip and gain confidence so your content can shine just as brightly online as it does in person.


Turn Classroom Content into Microlearning—QUICK!

April 20 2020 | Recording
In this session, you’ll discuss how to drill down to what learners need-to-know, keep it quick, and deliver it in a nice red bow!

9 Tips to Keep ’em Coming Back for More Virtual Training

April 13 | Recording
Discover how to make your webinars capture attention from the moment learners login, and keep their attention the whole way through.

Turn Classroom Content into Microlearning—QUICK!

April 6 | Recording
In this session, you’ll discuss how to drill down to what learners need-to-know, keep it quick, and deliver it in a nice red bow!

Quick Energizers for Live and Virtual Training

August 20, 2019 | Recording
When energy plummets in class, your job gets tougher. Experience for yourself how energizers can rescue you and help people get ready to learn.

The Interactive Virtual Trainer

June 3, 2019 | Recording
Experience how virtual training can be every bit as interactive as classroom with the right approach. Increase your confidence to deliver virtually as Scott models simple techniques you can use immediately.

7 Worst Mistakes in Virtual Learning and What to Try Instead

September 20, 2018 | Recording
Discover the 7 worst mistakes that make virtual learning drag. You’ll experience easy fixes you can apply to your own content—tips to make your job easier and your training better.

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Do's and Don'ts of Designing a Successful Webinar

Yes, webinars have a number of advantages, but they also present a unique set of challenges that can sabotage your training.


How to Quickly Convert Classroom Teaching to Live Online Training

Get up and running and make your virtual training just as effective and engaging as the classroom by preparing yourself ahead of time with rapid design process.


The Role of a Web Producer


Turn Classroom Content to Microlearning—Quick


The Best of Both Worlds with Hybrid Training

Nearly all professional trainers have learned to embrace a combination of in-person and online instructional methodologies.


Virtual Icebreakers

By learning to deploy the right icebreakers at the start of your virtual meeting, you’ll help participants stay focused, engaged, and energized, making your meeting a success.

Your Checklist for Kick-Ass Virtual Training

Your Checklist for Kick-Ass Virtual Training

This is the recipe for leading virtual trainings with maximum engagement, retention, application, and results.
2023 training insider report

2023 Training Insider Report

Explore the dynamic training landscape with our in-depth study, revealing the rise of virtual training, the resurgence of face-to-face sessions, and the impact on training professionals' career choices.

9 Ways to Crack into Learner Motivation

This guide will show you 9 ways to foster motivation among your learners, 9 questions you can ask yourself that’ll help you create motivating trainings, and how to identify challenging participants that can wreak havoc on a training and how to change their behavior.


Make Your Training Fun & Memorable

The first step in making training stick is helping people remember what was taught! Explore how themes can make your training more impactful—and how to create effective themes to make your training worth remembering.


Is Your Webcam Helping Or Hurting You?

Since everything is online these days, your image depends very much on how you look on your webcam.  Lighting, sound, motion…your presentation is like a TV production and you’re the director. Becky has some tips on how to make it look good and work well.

Getting Better At Virtual Presentations

Even though 2020 is behind us, you’re likely to be doing virtual presentations for some time. So why not get better at it? In this podcast, Becky helps you do self-diagnosis on your virtual presentation skills including this challenge: can your presentation be memorable 10 to 20 years from now?

One Minute To Win It Online

You have one minute to engage me… go!  How are you going to do it?  It’s a situation we’re faced with every time you have to present online.  Becky says this is an easy puzzle to solve. In fact, solving it involves puzzles, doodling and other fun activities.

3 Habits For Better Presenting During COVID19

For most of us, working from home is relatively new — which can be stressful.  Becky has some new habits for less stress, better health and better presenting.

When Do You Need An Online Training Platform?

Nearly everyone has done a video meeting lately. But a video meeting isn’t the same as a learning session. Becky says if you want to be an effective teacher, you’re going to need an effective training platform and some rules.

Should You Sit On Your Hands During A Video Conference?

Becky learned sign language when she was growing up. You don’t need sign language when you’re in a video conference, but you need to be aware of your gestures. Becky tells us how to avoid your having your hands speak louder than you do!

Your Eyes Say A Lot: But What Are They Saying?

Eyes are the window to the soul. They can express a lot. So how do you make that work in your favor when you’re live on camera online?  Should you wear glasses?  And where should you look? Becky has the answers.

Keep Your Shirt On — How To Dress For A Successful Video Conference

Clothing matters…at least the part that people can see when you’re doing an online video conference. So what are the do’s and don’ts?  Becky has the answers for men and women.

How Not To Look Like A Mess In A Video Conference

Grooming matters when you’re on camera. Becky has some simple things you can do to look your best.
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