Virtual Meeting & Training Icebreakers

September 1, 2022 | Recording

In an environment of nonstop meetings, there are few tools as indispensable as the icebreaker. If you’ve tried to run meetings with Zoom, Google Meet, or other video conferencing software, you’ve probably noticed screens can impose a distance that is challenging to overcome. When participants don’t feel engaged, meetings are less productive. But when you deploy the right icebreaker at the start of your virtual meeting, you help participants get mentally in the room, connect with one another, focus on a common goal, and get energized to contribute.

During this free, 1-hour webinar, you will:

  • Recognize the importance of connecting with your audience immediately
  • List criteria to include in a virtual icebreaker
  • Experience effective virtual icebreakers
Becky Pluth


Becky Pluth

President & CEO
The Bob Pike Group