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Motivation In Learning

People are obviously motivated when their job or money is on the line.  But if that’s not the case, motivation becomes a little harder.  Becky has several ideas for solutions… including collecting stamps!

Your Webinar Cast Of Characters

If you do enough webinars, you will eventually run into a difficult virtual learner.  Becky has some ideas on how you can deal with challenging behaviors.

Make Your Sessions ADA-Compliant And Easier To Understand

Is your presentation compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)? Captions, colors and contrast all play a part in making your presentation accessible to all. Becky talks how you can make it part of the design instead of an afterthought.

Improving Test Questions

Questions can provide zip to your presentation… if you do them the right way. Becky talks about “death by matching” and other unfair questions you’ll want to avoid. You can also take the Bob Pike Group’s three-hour crash course on assessment questions

When To Write A Book

Becky has written 10 books. How does she figure out when to write a new one?  Listen, take notes and you, too, can write a happy ending to your book dreams.

Focusing On Facilitating

Facilitating can be very powerful. You can create a very motivating… or demotivating experience depending upon how you do it.  Becky walks us through the four main purposes of facilitating and how you can keep things moving.

10 Ways To Mix It Up With Polls

Everyone likes being asked their opinion. Becky says you can use that to your advantage when doing presentations. She has 10 ways you can use polls—including making numbers fun.

The Worst Training Mistakes

The Bob Pike Group did a survey to uncover the worst mistakes people make in doing training. Laugh and cry as Becky talks about the things you should not try.

Some of Becky’s favorite things that you should have

Tools, images, props, and consulting tips to make your life a little easier. Not only a podcast, but links!

A few of my favorite things

  • www.umu.com This is a dynamic tool for microlearning as well as some tools for live online teaching. (Three-month subscription)
  • www.c3softworks.com a gamification tool that students and adults alike love. (Three-Month Cloud-Based Subscription)
  • www.simpleshow.com allows you to create vignettes quickly and turns content into “drawings” a bit like doodle. (Three-Month Cloud-Based Subscription)
  • https://www.soapboxify.com/ Soapbox allows you to generate an entire lesson plan for face-to-face or virtual training. It includes activities (complete with step-by-step instructions)  connected to your learning objectives in less than 10 minutes. (Three-Month Cloud-Based Subscription)

Fee and Free Images














Killer presentation tactics

Are you ready for Becky’s pop quiz? It has nothing and yet everything to do with doing memorable presentations. She has four tips plus a bonus.

Beating Zoom fatigue

Being on camera is intense work!  Why make your learners work so hard in a Zoom session? Get rid of the eye glaze. Becky has some tips to avoid the burnout from overusing virtual platforms.

Dressing up your training

You’re heading back into the office—what are your styles? Not just your clothes style (although that’s important), but how about your teaching style?  Becky dresses you up with a versatile wardrobe of ideas.

New Age Of Face-To-Face Training

Becky has a Disney themed podcast for you. Come on and take a ride. It’s a whole new world of face-to-face training!

Keep It Short: Why One Page Is Better

This week we're revisiting one of Becky's most popular podcasts.

Got something to sell? A product? A class? Yourself? Whatever it is, Becky says to be effective you need make your pitch in just one page. She has some tips on what to include and leave out.

Ken Blanchard’s Four Learning Insights

This week we're revisiting one of Becky's most popular podcasts.

Ken Blanchard’s “One Minute Manager” is a legendary book for helping people become better managers. Ken has shared with Becky four important tips to creating learning champions within your own company.

Why Try Something New And Different?

If you’ve been doing the same thing in your presentations for the last 30 years, this is the podcast for you. Becky has a list of things you can do differently. Your job is to pick just one and try it out.

Bringing Disney Magic To Your Training

You can learn from Disney.  We’re not talking about cute characters, merchandising, and theme parks. We’re talking about emotion, attitude, and attention to details.  Becky tells us how you can use them all to make your next presentation magic.

How Becky Met Dennis Rodman

Do you have an “elevator introduction” — five to ten words that say who you are?  You never know when you might need them.  Becky tells us how she parlayed an eight-word phrase into meeting NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Do’s And Don’ts For YouTube Training Videos

Do you dream of doing a training video that goes viral? Sorry to shatter your dreams, but that’s not going to happen. What you can do is create videos that get the job done. If you follow Becky’s tips, you’ll get your message across, be clear — and maybe, maybe, have a chance of going viral.

Tips For Co-facilitating After COVID

Co-facilitating a session is a like a dance. Both partners need to coordinate and pay attention to what the other is doing. Becky has some advice on how you can be the best Batman to your partner’s Robin (or vice versa).

Tips For Doing Your Own Podcast

Becky has done hundreds of podcasts. She’s learned a few things while doing them. She invites you to do some R & D with her — ripoff and duplicate!

Your Pre-Training Routine

Becky has learned important lessons from running marathons that apply to teaching classes. It has to do with running a marathon in new shoes.  What does that have to do with teaching a class?  You’ll have to listen to find out.

Best Advice Becky Was Given

Are you being authentic? Do you even know the authentic you?  Becky says she was trying to be someone else until she learned she had to be herself.  She says you can borrow someone else’s stories, but you need to give them credit.

Best Advice Part 2- Giving People A Choice

As you return to face-to-face training, it’s important to focus on giving people choices. That way they have control of their learning.  As Becky explains (or sings), “it’s a whole new world.”

Best Advice About Going Back To Face-To-Face Training

Returning to face-to-face training can make people nervous. Becky tackles the elephant in the room and gives you her top tips in a bite sized podcast.

How To Work For A Jerk

Inept bosses can be difficult. Becky has four survival tips if you work for a jerk.

Managing Diversity

Think before you speak!  That’s the moral of a very embarrassing personal story Becky shares in this week’s podcast.  It’s a lesson you’ll want to apply to your next classroom session.

Delegating Tasks

When do you delegate and how do you do it correctly? Becky goes over the do’s and don’ts so everyone can share in the success.

Having A Client Focus

Are you telling your clients what they need instead of asking them?  Becky says you need to listen — including the criticism.  You don’t always have to be right, but you do want to be happy.

Using Creativity In Training

One of the core values at the Bob Pike Group is creativity: Keeping it fresh and new instead of tired and true. Becky talks about how to bring that same commitment to creativity to your own classroom.

How To Care For Your Employees

Heavier workloads are driving people away from their jobs.  As a manager, you can make a difference with managing that workload and showing appreciation. Becky has some thoughts on how to do both.

Anxious With Change And Ambiguity

What makes you anxious? Can you write it down? Becky helps you visualize the problem and how you might solve it.

Being Action Oriented

Suffering from procrastination and paralysis because you’re a perfectionist?  Becky has experience of overcoming all these and getting the project out the door.  Ready, fire, aim!

Working Together To Co-Facilitate

Becky has a checklist for doing co-facilitation that will have you and your partner singing off the same page and dancing the same direction.  Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to sing or dance. We’re dealing with metaphors here

Finding The Silver Lining

Becky has a story about stress.  How can you take distress and find the silver lining?  There’s a way.

Owning The Ups And Downs

Any presentation is going to have its ups and downs. It’s how things flow.  So don’t beat yourself up over the lows.

Humanity In Your Job

There’s a lot going on in our fractious world. All the more reason to bring humanity, grace and kindness into your presentations.  Compassion starts with understanding.  Becky has some tips on how to get people to share.

Quickly Create Your Next Presentation

Becky has a way to help you design any presentation fast. 

Quick Questions To Prepare You To Present

Becky has a trick to help you focus your presentation and a checklist that will help you remember all the little details you’ll need while on stage.

Five Fear Fixers

It’s OK to get nervous when you speak.  It’s normal and just shows you care about what you’re going to present. Becky helps you get those butterflies in your stomach to fly in formation!

Six Powerful Presenting Tips That Will Make You Awesome

Do you have what it takes to give a great presentation? You will if you listen to Becky’s tips.

Finding Hope In The Hard Things

Becky has a story with a lesson.  Remember, the little things you do make a difference.

Enhancing Learning When We’re Face-To-Face Again

As the world returns to something more normal, we hope to be face-to-face again in the classroom.  Since it may have been awhile since you’ve done that, Becky has a list of nine things you should check before you teach in person.

Training On A Shoestring Budget

Training takes time and money. Sometimes it’s hard to find either.  Becky has three tips to find funding and resources to launch that training program.

What To Do When You’re STRESSED

You may be more stressed out than you think you are. Considering what’s happened in the world, that’s not unexpected. Becky has five things you should or shouldn’t do to help relieve that stress.

Leading When We’re Not Face-To-Face

When we’re working from home or with fewer people, how do we manage ourselves and become leaders?  Becky has eight different areas to focus on that can transform your leadership skills.

Self Assess Your Style

Your personal style impacts you as a trainer and as a person. Becky walks you through four styles and helps you decide which one is you.

Changing Your Time Management Habits

We all want to get more done in less time. Becky says there’s a formula to changing how you manage your time.  Your first step is to stop procrastinating and listen to her podcast.

Five Coachable Areas

Becky has five areas you can work on as a coach. Surprisingly, one of them is about how coachable you are.

8 Tips For Engaging People Virtually

Research shows that observers decide in about five seconds whether they want to listen to you. It’s not just what we say, it’s what we do.  Becky has eight tips on how to prepare to engage your virtual audience.

Online Learning Vs Face-To-Face

The pandemic has taught us that online learning is different than face-to-face learning. So which one is better? Can you apply lessons from one to make the other better?  Becky teaches us how to embrace and improve!

Comparing Virtual Platforms

By now, you’ve heard of or likely used Zoom or Microsoft Teams, but many other virtual platforms may be better suited for what you’re trying to do.  Becky compares 14 different platforms and rates them on factors such as difficulty to learn, fitting the group size, breakout rooms, chat, file share and more.   Pro tip: try the free trial version first!

Platforms compared include Adobe Connect, WebEx, Go To Webinar, Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Meet, Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA, Demio, Webinr Jam, Webinar Ninja, Click Meeting, Any Meeting, Get Response, and of course, Microsoft Teams.

Checklists For Producers

When you’re counting down to the start of your next webinar, your producer should have a pre-launch checklist to make sure all goes well. Becky talks about the tech, the questions, and the techniques that a good producer should command.

Presenter Vs Producer

What’s the difference between a presenter and a producer?  Presenters are the center of attention in a webinar. But producers are the ones who make the star shine. They connect, communicate and focus on all the technical stuff so the presenter can focus on the material.

Your Producer Is Your Pit Crew

Where are Indy 500 races won and lost?  Any race car driver will tell you it’s in the pits, where skilled mechanics and crews make all the difference. Webinar producers are like your pit crew. They can make the difference between a checkered flag and running out of gas before you get to the finish line.

Zapping The Gaps

Before you can zap the gaps, you need to figure out where the gaps are.  Why are people performing at a lower level? Once you know why, you — the performance consultant — can help them be at the top of their game.

What Is Performance Consulting?

What if you got a bonus for getting things done on time?  Becky says performance consulting is a little like that—but instead of you getting things done, you’re helping others get things done.

Preventing Zoom Fatigue

Life these days can be one big long online meeting. So how do you make sure your learners don’t tire of having the cameras on?  Becky has some tips as well as a free webinar that may help.

Getting To Know Your Audience — Virtually

If you don’t know what your audience wants, what you present won’t resonate. Presenting virtually adds another layer of difficulty.  Becky has eight techniques you can use to get to know your audience, even though you can’t be in the same room.

Wait For It… The Art Of Pausing

Pauses can be powerful…or pregnant. There are good reasons to pause during your presentation, including giving people time to laugh.  But when you’re virtual, is it still important to pause?  (Of course it is!)

Better Transitions For Your Presentation

Transitions can make your presentation more powerful.  They can make your audience more curious and engaged.  Becky has some tips on how to do better transitions, including your content, preparation and managing your body language.

Five Ways To Organize Your Presentation

People like order.  Structure helps people remember. Becky outlines five structures you can use to make your presentation clear and memorable.

Powerful Hooks And Anchor

Master presenters know that powerful hooks and anchors make a big difference.  Your most important real estate is what your learners hear first and last.  Becky has some techniques that will help you be a master presenter — even on your bad days.

Presentations That Jump Off The Page

When designing your next session, it’s important to consider your strategy. Becky says you want to be so prepared that it feels impromptu. Don’t try to cram in content. Consider value, engagement and energy. Get your content down to a few impactful words.

Getting Better At Virtual Presentations

Even though 2020 is behind us, you’re likely to be doing virtual presentations for some time. So why not get better at it? In this podcast, Becky helps you do self-diagnosis on your virtual presentation skills including this challenge: can your presentation be memorable 10 to 20 years from now?

Is Your Webcam Helping Or Hurting You?

Since everything is online these days, your image depends very much on how you look on your webcam.  Lighting, sound, motion…your presentation is like a TV production and you’re the director. Becky has some tips on how to make it look good and work well.

Let’s Play Some Games

People like to be part of games. Becky says it helps them learn. She has some great games and puzzles you can use to help learning retention.  Oh.. and it’s also fun.

Motivating Your Trainees

How do you engage your learners? Becky says dull material does not need to be dull. Only presentations are dull.  Your challenge is to be specific and bring your presentation to life with stories.

Four Principles of One-On-One Learning

Teaching to a small audience is different than working with a big group. Becky says there are four things you should keep in mind when working one-on-one with learners.

Let’s Get Visual

You may have heard the myth that people are only auditory or tactile learners.  Don’t believe it. Mentally visualizing content really helps with teaching. Bad visuals can hurt you!  Becky helps you figure out what visuals to use, where to find them and how to make them reusable.

All Evaluations Are Not Created Equal

90% of organizations use end-of-session evaluations. But higher ratings don’t always mean more learning. Becky explains why some sessions get high ratings even when most of the presentation was dull and boring — and what’s the most effective way to really measure learning.

One-On-One Work Pair Shares

People are more comfortable and are more effective learners when they’re with friends. Becky says you can help people become friends during your session with one-on-one work pair shares.


Reflect And Soak Up The Knowledge

Virtual learning is fast. So much information goes zipping by that your learners may miss things. Becky says stopping every 20 minutes can be the key to letting people use what you’ve presented before they lose it.

Creating A Sense Of Belonging In The Classroom

When you give people control, they are most open to learning. When you give them a sense of belonging, they feel safer, which reduces tension and increases learning retention. Becky has some ideas on how to do that.

Setting Up Learners For Success

What’s in it for me? Most people don’t read the description of a course. Becky encourages you to start your session by helping them find the value by giving them a roadmap.

One Minute To Win It Online

You have one minute to engage me… go!  How are you going to do it?  It’s a situation we’re faced with every time you have to present online.  Becky says this is an easy puzzle to solve. In fact, solving it involves puzzles, doodling and other fun activities.

Are You Presenting Facts Or Myths?

We're revisiting some of Becky's most popular podcasts.
Some things sound so right, they must be true…but they’re not. Have you fallen victim to using facts and figures that are completely made up with no evidence behind them? Becky debunks some of the more common training myths and exaggerations.

Avoiding PowerPoint Puke

This week we're revisiting one of Becky's most popular podcasts.
Friends don't let friends create PowerPoint puke — it can ruin any presentation. How do you avoid making your PowerPoint presentation a poster child for "don't"? Becky comes to your rescue in the first of two podcasts about perfecting your PowerPoint presentations.

Client Meetings — What To Do Before, During And After

A successful client meeting requires you to take action before, during and after the meeting.  Becky offers some lessons she learned (sometimes the hard way) that will make your meeting a success.

Writing For Speakers

You’re a speaker, but you’re also a writer…or at least you should be. Becky has nine tips for building your blog.


Rock, Paper, Scissors—The Art And Science Of Humor

Humor can help you in so many ways when presenting.  It engages your audience, makes things more memorable and it’s fun getting laughs.  But as any standup comic will tell you, it’s real easy to bomb or worse yet — alienate your audience. So how do you walk that fine line?  Becky says the game of rock, paper, scissors can be your guide.

5 Ways To Stay Sane While Leading

Is work creeping into your home life? Becky shares some boundaries, perspective and other advice that will keep you sane during your work day.

5 Roles Of A Trainer

A trainer does more than just train. Becky talks about the five “faces” of a trainer.  And because it’s Becky, she gives us a sixth one as well.

3 Habits For Better Presenting During COVID19

For most of us, working from home is relatively new — which can be stressful.  Becky has some new habits for less stress, better health and better presenting.

Silence Is Golden When You’re Speaking

How do you reduce the unwanted noise in your head and the unwanted noises coming out of your mouth?  Becky says the says they both have a root cause you can address — tension.


Ken Blanchard’s Four Learning Insights

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts.

Ken Blanchard’s “One Minute Manager” is a legendary book for helping people become better managers. Ken has shared with Becky four important tips to creating learning champions within your own company.

Should You Sit On Your Hands During A Video Conference?

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts.

Becky learned sign language when she was growing up. You don’t need sign language when you’re in a video conference, but you need to be aware of your gestures. Becky tells us how to avid your having your hands speak louder than you do!

Neuroscience vs. Cognitive Psychology

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts.
Neuroscience is about how brains are wired. Psychology is about behavior. Which one will help you teach? Becky looks at how to take advantage of both of these schools of thought.

How To Test Fairly And Accurately

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts.
At the end of your session how do you know if learning has really occurred? Was your presentation effective? Becky says you need measurable objectives when teaching and fair and accurate tests to measure those objectives.

Clear Out The Clutter With OHIO

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts
Is stuff piling up on you? Too many things to read, too many things to do, too many emails in your inbox? You’re not alone. Becky talks about how she uses OHIO (Only Handle It Once) and other techniques to get rid of the clutter in her life.

Keep It Short: Why One Page Is Better

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts.

Got something to sell? A product? A class? Yourself? Whatever it is, Becky says to be effective you need make your pitch in just one page. She has some tips on what to include and leave out.

Flipping The Script On Learning

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts.

Want to make your training sessions more “aha” and less info dump? Consider flipped learning. Becky walks us through how flipped learning works, when to use it and best practices.

Purchase Becky's new book here: http://store.bobpikegroup.com/bk-creative-training-a-train-the-trainer-field-guide/

Secrets Of A Powerful Presentation

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts.

What turns a good presentation into a great one? Planning, preparation and polish! Becky has a five-step plan to make your next presentation memorable.

How To Recall Everyone’s Name (Even Though You Just Met Them)

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts.

Can you rattle off the names of everyone you had in your last class like you’ve known them for your entire life? Probably not. Becky will be the first to admit she doesn’t have the talent for remembering names like her dad Bob Pike can. But she says there are ways to make up for not having that natural talent.

8 Steps To Amazing Storytelling

We're revisiting some of Becky's most listened to podcasts.

Stories are one of the most memorable ways to communicate and teach. But not all stories are created equal. Becky has eight tips to make your story more memorable.


When Do You Need An Online Training Platform?

Nearly everyone has done a video meeting lately. But a video meeting isn’t the same as a learning session. Becky says if you want to be an effective teacher, you’re going to need an effective training platform and some rules.

Should You Sit On Your Hands During A Video Conference?

Becky learned sign language when she was growing up. You don’t need sign language when you’re in a video conference, but you need to be aware of your gestures. Becky tells us how to avoid your having your hands speak louder than you do!

How Not To Look Like A Mess In A Video Conference

Grooming matters when you’re on camera. Becky has some simple things you can do to look your best.

Keep Your Shirt On — How To Dress For A Successful Video Conference

Clothing matters…at least the part that people can see when you’re doing an online video conference. So what are the do’s and don’ts?  Becky has the answers for men and women.

Your Eyes Say A Lot: But What Are They Saying?

Eyes are the window to the soul. They can express a lot. So how do you make that work in your favor when you’re live on camera online?  Should you wear glasses?  And where should you look? Becky has the answers.

I’m Sick, But I Still Need To Be Live Online

It’s allergy season. But sneeze right now and people think you’re a pandemic victim. What’s a teacher to do? Becky has you covered with five ideas from the obvious to the ingenious.

How Not To Look Bad In a Video Conference

A video conference is like a TV show where you’re the star. And just like TV, you need to be very aware of how you look so it enhances and doesn’t distract from your performance.  Becky talks about three things you can control about how you look. And guys, we’re talking about make-up for you, too.

7 Ways To Be A Better Video Conferencer

Virtual meetings aren’t like face-to-face meetings. They can be harder — particularly if you’re the presenter. Becky’s checklist can help save you from looking bad and bombing online.

Overcoming Virtual Mistakes

You’re probably used to doing your teaching face-to-face. Now there’s no audience in the room.  How do you teach when there’s no encouragement or feedback from the audience?  Becky has faced this situation more than 5,000 times doing webinars. She outlines four common mistakes people make when doing webinars and how you can avoid them.

7 Presentation Tips For Using Any Live Video App

Social distancing may be forcing you to move your teaching online, but Becky has been doing webinars for more than 15 years. She has seven tips that can make your presentation easier, smoother and more useful.

Five Ways To Grow Your Talent Success

Do you know the jargon of your business? Becky says while it’s important that you understand the jargon, there’s more to it than that if you want to be successful. She has five things you can do to be a better partner and grow your talent success exponentially.

Building Business Savvy

When Becky was 25, she thought she knew everything. Then she went to work for Target and found out she didn’t know as much as she thought.  She needed business savvy. How can you be a little more savvy in your business role? Becky shares three important things she learned.

The Four Learning Principles

The Bob Pike Group has four learning principles it uses to teach adults that are based on neuropsychology. Becky covers all four principles — including a simple way of getting people’s attention.

Home, Work And You - Making It Live Together

You’ve got three lives going on. There’s you as a person, you with your family and you at work.  Becky says if you neglect one of your lives, the other two suffer. She has some tips on how to make them all work together.

Making Your Case For Talent Development

When you’re selling training, your customer is at the C level. How do you get them to buy in? Becky says you need to know your audience, know your industry — and most important, know your ROI.

Making Learning Accessible And Inclusive

New people get training. Everyone else? Not always. How do you make your training program inclusive for everyone? Becky has four ideas you can use.

Ken Blanchard’s Four Learning Insights

Ken Blanchard’s “One Minute Manager” is a legendary book for helping people become better managers. Ken has shared with Becky four important tips to creating learning champions within your own company.

Developing Your Learning Culture

New management. New team. When that happens, how do you bring about the change and develop your talent? That’s the challenge Becky faced when she bought the Bob Pike group.  She shares four things she learned (sometimes the hard way) that you can apply to your situation.

Using Video To Train: 5 New Tips

People love to learn through video and movies. Becky has five quick tips that will help you be successful when using videos in your next presentation.

If You Have To Lecture, Follow These Tips

No one likes to sit through a lecture. But what if that’s the only way to deliver your lesson? Becky has five tips that will help you out.

Four Principles Of Adult Learning

Adults learn differently than kids. Becky outlines four principles you need to keep in mind when designing your class. Structure is important… and for that reason, there will be a quiz at the end of this podcast.

Secrets To Dealing With Difficult Participants

Hecklers? Cell phone addicts? Becky has seen it all when it comes to difficult participants.  She shares some of her secrets on how to get the upper hand and keep your class on course.

Hey Speaker, Quit Being Nervous!

We all get nervous about speaking. But how do you gain the confidence you need to overcome that nervousness? Becky has some tools and tips to minimize the sweaty palms, shakes and filler words.

Teaching Knowledge, Skills And Attitudes

Are you teaching a knowledge, skill or an attitude? Becky says the answer determines how you will present. Good news: there are ways to teach all three at the same time.

11 Alternatives To Lectures

Lectures are really dull. Don’t be dull. Becky has 11 ideas you can use instead of lecturing — including magic tricks!

Six Testing Question Tips

How do you know if the test questions you write are written well? Becky has six quick tips to help you, including one thing you should absolutely avoid.

How To Test Fairly And Accurately

At the end of your session how do you know if learning has really occurred?  Was your presentation effective? Becky says you need measurable objectives when teaching and fair and accurate tests to measure those objectives.


Linking Exercises To Objectives

What kind of exercises will facilitate the learning you want to achieve in your classroom?  Becky runs through some examples that might help you.

Discover And Learn

What can toddlers teach you about learning?  They learn through discovery. Adults can learn that way too, and it’s more memorable. Becky has some ideas on how you can work discovery into your sessions.

Action Plans For Tough Issues

As a leader, you know when there are tough issues that need to be worked through.  But how do you address the conflict? Becky has an exercise that will help you develop an action plan that gets people on the same page.

Let’s Get This Party Started!

What do training sessions and parties have in common?  Icebreakers!  You need them to get people comfortable. Becky has some great icebreakers that will make it easier for all to be ready to learn.

Build Your Credibility With Consulting

People demand credibility from their leaders. Becky says honesty, competency and being inspiring are the ingredients for building credibility. So how does consulting fit in?

Upgrade Your PowerPoint Game - 4 Sure Fire Tips

Are your PowerPoint presentations stuck in the ‘90s? Do your slides have more words than white space? Becky has four tips that will add electricity and impact to your presentation.

Overcoming Resistance

You may be right, but people won’t listen to you. How do you break through the resistance when people are listening to their hearts and not their heads?  Becky says you need to tread carefully and you can still win them over.

Transformation Through Presentation

You know change is hard. Convincing others to change is even harder. How do you do it? First step is to listen to Becky’s podcast where she has some great tips on how to persuade an audience to change.

A Blended Definition Of Blended Learning

You’ve probably heard the term blended learning. So what is it really?  Is it old-fashioned face-to-face, on the job or online?  Turns out it’s that and at least four other things. In this week’s podcast, Becky shows us how to come up with a plan to incorporate it all.

Neuroscience vs. Cognitive Psychology

Neuroscience is about how brains are wired. Psychology is about behavior. Which one will help you teach? Becky looks at how to take advantage of both of these schools of thought.


Do Your Learners Need You Present To Learn?

When so much of instruction can be done through devices or online, does it really matter if you’re in the classroom? Becky tells us what scientific studies have found.


Everything Old Is Digital New Again

Over your career, you’ve probably created a ton of content. Even though it may be a decade or more old, there are portions that are tried and true that don’t really change over time. In this week’s podcast, Becky will help you identify those best nuggets that apply to today that can be turned into new digital content such as videos, webinars and podcasts.

Three Secrets To Writing A Book

Becky has written nine books. In this week’s podcast she tells you three writing secrets she wished she knew sooner. The first two are important decisions you need to make before you start writing. The third secret is simple.

Your Expertise Is Walking Out The Door

If your company is like most companies, a growing number of people are nearing retirement age. Locked inside their brains are gobs of experience and most of their knowledge is not documented anywhere. Do you find that a little bit scary?  Good! Becky is ready to help you with a solution.

12 Tips For One-On-One Training

Got one person you need to train in?  Becky says you can use some of the same techniques you use in a full classroom. But there are some differences… including one that Becky admits is a “well duh!”


Demystifying Presenting, Training and Facilitating

Is what you do presenting, training or facilitating? In this podcast, Becky covers the main differences between the three and how you can employ them depending upon the situation. Bonus: she tells you how you can be Switzerland!

Quick Start: Project Management For Trainers

As a trainer, you’ll probably have to manage projects even though you’re not certified to so do. Becky says you can do it with the help of five steps and four questions.

Your Great Presentation: Butterflies Flying In Formation

Can you remember a presentation that knocked your socks off?  I bet it had power and purpose. Becky tells you all about the importance of PIE - persuade, inform and entertain, and helps you manage those nervous butterflies to power your own great presentation.

What’s Up With Formative And Summative Assessments?

When do you use a formative assessment and when do you use a summative assessment? Becky has three key questions you need to ask to decide which one to use.

Language Isn’t Your Only International Teaching Barrier

Truth? Common Sense? Silence? They all mean different things in different cultures, which can make teaching internationally a challenge. Becky has some thoughts on how you can break through those barriers.

It’s Time To Get Our Game On!

Game-based learning gets results. So, how do you convince your boss to make gamification part of your offerings? Get your your pen, because Becky has four key things you’ll want to tell your boss.

Getting Video-Based Training Right

Video is becoming more and more popular for training. It’s also incredibly effective. Becky says to make a good video, you need to put your learners’ needs first.

Bulletproofing Your Next Virtual Training Session - 5 Tips

Virtual training follows a lot of the same best practices as in-person training, but there are some extra things you need to do make absolutely sure your session is a smashing success. Becky has five tips, including one that involves a candle and a bottle of water.

Will Your Next Generation Of Leaders Be Ready?

Leadership is a competitive advantage. Will your company maintain its competitive advantage as your current generation of leaders retires? Becky has some thoughts on how to develop the next generation.

Evaluating Evaluations: The Challenges Of Choices

How many choices should you give people in an evaluation? Do you want a scale with a midpoint? Becky says it all depends on what you want to measure.

Ingredients For A High Performing Team

Want to be on a better-than-average team? Becky says you need the right ingredients — trust, effort, flexibility, and gratitude being some of them. But what about leadership? Spoiler alert: leadership matters.

Keep It Short: Why One Page Is Better

Got something to sell? A product? A class? Yourself?  Whatever it is, Becky says to be effective you need make your pitch in just one page.  She has some tips on what to include and leave out.

Is Blogging Still A Thing?

Whatever happened to blogs? Before Facebook, blogging was one of the best ways to build your reputation and get your expertise out to the world. In this age of social media is it still worthwhile to spend your time blogging? Yes, says Becky… but you need to do it the right way.

Stay Home And Be Successful

More and more people are ditching the commute and working from home. The good news: working from home can make you more efficient, lower your stress and boost your morale.  However, there are potential pitfalls to telecommuting. Becky has some tips on how to avoid them and thrive at home.

Want To Be A Humorous Speaker? 5 Dos And Don’ts

“Dying is easy. Comedy is hard” is the old show business adage. Trying to be a humorous speaker can be like a high flying tightrope act — spectacular when it works, deadly if it doesn’t. So before you put your reputation on the line for a laugh at your next presentation, listen to Becky’s list of dos and don’ts… including how to recover if your humor bombs.

Secrets To Connecting With Any Audience

When you personally connect with an audience, you’re going to be more successful. But how do you make that happen… even when you can’t see them? Becky says part of the answer is to be yourself. For the rest of the answers, you’ll need to listen to the podcast.

Are You Presenting Facts Or Myths?

Some things sound so right, they must be true…but they’re not.  Have you fallen victim to using facts and figures that are completely made up with no evidence behind them? Becky debunks some of the more common training myths and exaggerations. 

You Need A Vacation

Are you one of the millions of Americans who don’t use all of their vacation days?  Then you need someone to convince you to take some time off.  Good news!  Becky is ready to convince you with some facts and strategies that will make it easier for you to avoid burnout.

Four Ingredients For A Great Presentation

Over her years of presenting, Becky has seen what works and what doesn’t.  She shares four things you should consider making a priority and how to control things that seem to be out of your control.

How Not To Be A One-Hit Wonder

We want people to call us back and get repeat business. How do you do that?  Becky has some ways to make sure you don’t turn into a one-hit wonder.

Managing Social Media Overload

If you want to be a voice in your industry, you need to be present on all the social media platforms your audience uses.  So how do you manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and who knows what else without overwhelming your day?  Becky says you have a better chance of being successful with some outside help that you can either pay for or get for free.

Mastering The Art Of Being Live

How do you capture and keep people’s attention?  Your audience might be right in front of you or it might be scattered across the world watching you on the internet. Becky says the key is to be participant centered. She explains how to do that, along with some easy-to-use tips that will help you master the art of being live.

Clear Out The Clutter With OHIO

Is stuff piling up on you? Too many things to read, too many things to do, too many emails in your inbox?  You’re not alone. Becky talks about how she uses OHIO (Only Handle It Once) and other techniques to get rid of the clutter in her life.

Turning A No Into A Yes For Later

They said no.  “It’s not the right fit,” “it’s not the right time,” or they had some other reason not to tell you yes.  How do you turn that no into a yes the next time you ask? Becky has five tips on how you can overcome rejection, figure out what to adjust and set yourself up for future success.

Maybe You Need A Sabbatical

Not sure where you’re going? Got too much stress in your life? Perhaps it’s time to take a sabbatical. Becky tells us her personal story about how she took time off and how it made her more successful.

Is Coworking For You?

Coworking spaces offer a lot of benefits — networking, support, and increases in productivity. But working in the same room with other people also has some downsides that you may not have considered. Becky has some great tips on how to  get the benefits of coworking while avoiding the pitfalls.

Flipping The Script On Learning

Want to make your training sessions more “aha” and less info dump?  Consider flipped learning.  Becky walks us through how flipped learning works, when to use it and best practices.

Four Big Ways Tech Is Changing Training

Technology is changing faster than we can keep up with it. It’s also rapidly changing the training industry. Becky looks at four major impacts technology is having how we learn.

A Good Example Of Microlearning About Microlearning

What exactly is microlearning and when should you use it? Becky walks the microlearning talk with this short and to-the-point podcast that covers what you need to know.

How To Choose A Good Convention

Conventions and conferences can be a good investment in your career.  But they can also be time wasters if you don’t choose wisely. Becky has some tips on how you can know if it’s a good conference BEFORE you attend.

Gifts That Make You Memorable

The gift giving season is wrapping up. It’s a major opportunity to make a memorable impression with your clients — unless you do it wrong or just don’t do it. Fear not, Becky has some suggestions that can help you even if you procrastinated away the holiday season.

How To Keep Up With Changes In Training

New apps and new training tools are being created every day.  So how do you keep up with it all? Becky has some tips on how you can stay on the cutting edge.

6 Secrets To Creating "Wow" Learning Videos

Authenticity, incentives, surprises they¹re all part of the techniques
Becky recommends you use to create compelling learning videos.  Listen for her six tips.

3 Practices To Build A Great Training Team

Everyone wants to be on a winning team, but how do you build one? Becky has three practices you should use to make a huge difference.

Amazing Future Of Micro Learning

Micro learning is on-demand training done in between formal training sessions. It¹s estimated that more than half of companies will soon be using it.  Becky has tips on how you can design and deploy micro learning to transform your company.

How To Retain Employees? Make Them More Employable

Offering employees opportunities to advance within your organization is one way of retaining them. But what do you do when upward mobility just isn¹t an option for most of your people? Becky says if they can¹t go up, they can move laterally - which prevents boredom and makes them more employable.

Setting Up New Employees For Success

Becky has tips on how to do a kick-butt awesome on-boarding program for new employees.

Dos And Don’ts Of Professional Development

Becky is often asked how she became successful. Today she shares her top four tips on what you should or should not do for your own professional development.

Is Consulting For You?

Being a consultant is one way to work your way up the ladder to success.  But are you cut out to do it?  Becky steps through the challenges you’re likely to face and has suggestions on how to meet them.

It Takes A Buffet To Really Keep Growing

Not everyone learns the same way. Becky says you need to have a buffet of options to help your learners.  She has some tips on how to serve up those tools.

How Much Do I Charge For Training?

What does training have to do with a pair of flip-flops?  In today’s podcast, Becky tackles the issue of value propositions. How do you get people to pay more when your training is worth more?

How To Use Storytelling Effectively In Training

Why are stories such effective tools for teaching? Becky has a story about that.

Put Learners In The Drivers Seat - Anywhere, Anytime, Any Topic

Social media is often a disrupter of training. Facebook and Twitter on smartphones can distract from classroom learning. Despite that, Becky says those smartphones with social media are the future of training.

Four Best Practices For Training And Development

Becky has 20+ years of experience in the training industry. She has four sure-fire ways to make your training and development programs successful. You may be using some of them already!

Success Tip: Treat Your Learners As Clients

You’re likely to go back to a store that values your business.  Becky says you can apply this principle to your classes by valuing your learners’ choices. They’ll be more confident and learn faster!

How Do We Make It OK To Fail (And Ultimately Succeed)?

No one likes to make mistakes, but we learn faster when we do. But the fear of making mistakes can make it harder to learn. Becky says if you make it OK to fail, you set people up for success.

How Our Brains Work For Learning

Your brain is an incredible learning machine, but only if you teach it correctly.  Becky explains the neuroscience behind learning and the simple ways you can apply it to your next class.

How To Make Training Stick

How do you know what you teach is going to “stick” and be used on the job?  If you don’t use it, you lose it! Becky advocates for banning lectures — instead using techniques based on brain science that are much more successful for effective training.

Turning Managers Into Coaches

A good manager needs to wear many hats. One of those hats is “coach.”  Becky has some thoughts on how managers can become coaches to motivate employees to do more and take that next step to grow with your company.

The Future Of Training Is History (And Creepy)

By 2030, 95% of all companies will be using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict what people need to learn. How will AI be able to do that?  Becky says the reason is a little creepy — AI is paying attention to your search history.

Excuses You Love (To Overcome)

You can't use a game to learn when you're dealing with CEOs, right? Wrong!  CEOs are kids, too! Becky tells us how to overcome the favorite excuses people use to avoid participant-centered learning.

How To Make Participant Centered Learning Happen In Your Classroom

Students are more motivated to learn when they're having fun. Here's how you can get every person in the room involved and engaged.  Fun can force critical thinking to happen.

Nine Easy Steps to Active Learning

There's a time and a place for active learning. Becky has the nine easy steps to make it happen today in your classroom.

Designing Your PowerPoint To Be Interactive

Becky has four easy-to-execute ideas that you can use to make your PowerPoint presentations more interactive.  She mentions a game resource that you can find in our links.

Avoiding PowerPoint Puke

Friends don't let friends create PowerPoint puke — it can ruin any presentation. How do you avoid making your PowerPoint presentation a poster child for "don't"?  Becky comes to your rescue in the first of two podcasts about perfecting your PowerPoint presentations.

"Replay All" Sucks - How to Declutter Your Communication

Is your inbox full of unwanted emails? Conversely, are you filling up other people’s inboxes with unwanted emails? Becky has some tips on how to put a stop to it all, declutter and give yourself some needed “white space.”

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Manage Conflict In The Classroom Like You Do At Home

How is a marriage like a classroom session?  They’re both likely to involve conflict that needs to be successfully resolved. Becky has some tips on dealing with the big conflicts that crop up in classrooms that you can practice at home.

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Using Critical Thinking To Make Faster, Better Decisions

There is so much information available on most topics you can spend a lot of time doing research before making a decision. Becky says if you use critical thinking, you can speed up the process and reach a better decision.

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Critical Thinking: When Google Doesn’t Have The Answer

The answers to a lot of questions are just one Google away. That’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. Becky says because the Internet has become a crutch, most graduates these days can’t dig in on their own and critically think. She has some tips on how to become better at finding solutions that just can’t be googled.

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How To Negotiate Without Manipulating

Becky says good negotiating takes a little guts. You need to keep in mind the true interests of both parties and create a positive atmosphere. She has some tips on how you can get better at this critical skill.

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Encouraging Teamwork Encourages Learning

When people feel in control and included, they’re most open to learning. Becky has some tips on how you can make people feel important about themselves to help increase their learning.

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Being Assertive Without Going Overboard

No one likes someone who is too pushy. So how do you get what you want without damaging a relationship? Be assertive. Becky has specific examples of what productive assertiveness looks like and how you can practice it.

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The Art Of ListeningTitle

What’s the most important part of communication?  Listening!  As Becky’s been told many times, we have one mouth and two ears, so listen twice as much as you talk.  Becky has several tips and tricks that will make you a better listener.

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3 Easy Steps To Get The Hard Stuff Done

Do you have a list of projects that never seem to get done because they’re too hard?  Becky says if you don’t tackle the hard stuff first it never gets done.  She has three tips on how you can “eat the frog first” which then makes everything else taste better.


Brian Tracy “Eat That Frog - 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done in Less Time”

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Making Movies Helps Make Memorable Lessons

You really have to understand a subject to make a movie about it.  If you have a mobile phone, you likely have a movie camera.  Becky has some tips and resources you and your learners can use to make movies.

Movie making resources

iMotion HD

Hyperlapse from Instagram 



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