Team Training

Training as a team can boost retention by 90%
and cut training time by 25%!

For groups of eight or more, team training is a way to personalize any Bob Pike Group program around company- or industry-specific goals.

Here's How It Works:


Our training experts help you select custom content designed to meet your goals.


We come to you live online or F2F at your location.


Our training consultants model participant-centered sessions that involve everyone.

Team Training Benefits:

  • Save money on expensive travel and dramatically reduce the cost of training per person
  • Eliminate time on the road and the opportunity cost of lost productivity
  • Choose dates and locations that serve your team best
  • Adopt a shared vision, language, and skillset across your team
  • Actionable strategies—practice and receive feedback in the safety of small groups
  • Customize workshops by selecting modules that best meet your business needs
  • In today’s war for talent, demonstrate your company’s commitment to professional development and growth
  • It’s not just your trainers who will thank you as their jobs become easier to execute—their participants will too. See your program go from mandated to anticipated events!

Estimate Your Cost Savings

Could you save money by training as a team? This example illustrates how many clients save big!


Median Group Size (15)

Register Individuals

Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp Registration

$1695/Person x 15

Hotel & Rental Car (3 Nights)

$200/Day x 3 x 15


$400/Person x 15

Total Workshop Cost for 15 people


Train as a Team

Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp Team Training

(15 People)

Hotel & Rental Car

$0/Day x 15


$0/Person x 15

Total Training Cost for 15 people



Team Training Success Stories


25% Monthly Sales Increase

$10 Million Increase in premiums


$2 Million in Cost Savings

6K+ Employee Hours Redirected

35K Attend Virtual Leadership Forums


26% Decrease in Reported Injuries

$500,000 Annual Savings


99.5% Average Proof Accuracy

$500K Annual Savings


7 Figures Bottom Line Impact

4X Increased Training Capabilities

20%+ Satisfaction Rating

Discover the Top 10 Team Training Techniques That Break the Mold

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Why Team Training Works plus 10 techniques to break the mold ebook cover

“We had 50 overworked central office professionals completely engaged and immersed in the learning for an eight-hour Saturday training!”

— Bob Pike Group Training Participant

“Honestly, this class is by far the best class I have attended in my 17 years at TSA. Kudos to the Bob Pike Group!! Just outstanding.”

— Lisa Thorn, BPG Training Participant

“By focusing on participants, we were able to package training in ways that made it fun. Team members had a high degree of engagement and retention… and gave the instructor, materials and subject matter near perfect scores (over 99%).”

— Troy Martin, Viking Cruises

“My greatest takeaway from The Bob Pike Group is how transformational and impactful training can be when it is truly participant-centered. I’ll never go back to the way things were and I am completely thrilled with the change.”

— Liz Lockhart, Smarsh

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