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Blog Post Thumbnail: hero-5-creative-tactics-for-virtual-presentations

5 Creative Tactics for Virtual Presentations

Stop and think for a moment about the last virtual presentation you led or attended. Did you ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: blog-post-performance-consulting-matters

Performance Consulting Matters: 5 Essential Steps to Better Training Results

Sometimes when things aren’t working, identifying the right problem can be just as important ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: microlearning-future-of-work

Is Microlearning the Future of Workplace Training?

For many cynics out there, Microlearning is just another in a long list of corporate ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: 5-benefits-of-online-learning-hero-1

5 Benefits of Online Corporate Training

Technology has opened endless opportunities for innovation in all areas of life—from how we ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: blog-hero-using-gamification-to-rethink-corporate-training

Using Gamification to Rethink Corporate Training

In the past, “fun” was not a word employees often used to describe corporate training. But ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: blog-hero-7-tips-more-effective-instructional-design

7 Tips to More Effective Instructional Design

If you’ve been in the corporate world a while, chances are you’ve been subjected to ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: BPG_Blog_1000X500_August_2019-1-1

Gamification on the Brain

How does game-based training affect the way we learn? As any parent can attest, we live in a ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: BPG_Blog_1000X500_July 2019-2

Measuring Training Performance

Tips and tricks for effective training with measurable results
Blog Post Thumbnail: BPG_Blog_1000X500_July_2019-1-1

Five Tips for Virtual Training Success

In today’s highly mobile corporate culture, virtual training is fast becoming the go-to ...
Blog Post Thumbnail:

Improve Your Training Engagement with the EAT Principle

Be sure to include EAT in your Instructor-Led, Participant-Centered training session. I’ll ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: Cheerful Computer

Corporate Training, Keeping it Fresh: Gamification in Online Learning

E-learning has long been used in place of in-class learning sessions and is most often ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: Human resources team during job interview with woman

Keep it Short: Why a One-Sheet Beats Many

Are you setting your sights on that new job? Perhaps you’re ready to promote your new ...
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