Why Continuous Learning is Important

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Ask yourself: Am I stagnant in my career? What are new skills I can teach others? Am I bored with my job? Are my learners engaged?

These are all questions many professionals ask themselves, and that’s where continual learning comes in to save the day!

As a refresher, continuous learning is the process of learning new skills or knowledge on a consistent basis, and it takes self-initiative and support from your peers and organization. From formal in-person courses or virtual workshops to more casual social learning, continuous learning takes on many forms.

There are many reasons continuous learning is important for trainers, learners, professionals, students, and organizations of all types. These are just a few:

Stay competitive

Investing in your continuing education by taking more advanced training courses and gaining new certifications is vital to stay competitive in this ever-changing economy. Think of the extra skills you can add to your resume to give you that extra edge.

Take the next career leap

If you’re feeling stagnant in your career, continual learning gets those brain cells fired up again to learn new or more complex skills. People need to learn new knowledge or skills to see things in a new light and take that next leap.

Improved partnerships

If organizations do not support a continual process of learning, innovation does not happen, processes remain unchanged, and nothing new is ever accomplished. That’s not ideal for the organization, as it can lead to low employee morale and even a lull in profitability. On the flip side, learners can encourage the organizations they work for to look at new processes and other innovative ideas, too.

Grow your income

It’s okay to say that money is a motivator! Adding those extra bullet points to your resume, showing the motivation to make a career move, and touting the extra skills and certifications can all lead to promotions and salary increases.


Exploring subject matter outside of your normal expertise is great for introducing you to new ways of thinking and fresh concepts. Gaining a broader understanding of new topics can help you brainstorm more creative ways to handle your own related tasks or challenges. Very rarely do innovative ideas come from people who do not think outside the box!

Employees feel valued

Support of continuous learning indicates that employees are worth the investment and that the organization is genuine about employee career development. When they feel valued, they will work harder as they contribute to the organization. It’s a win-win!

Improved brain health

There’s a strong link between education and health! Continuing to learn new skills at any ages helps keep your brain active and healthy. Learning is a form of mental exercise that keeps you healthier, more engaged, and extra motivated.

Gaining new certifications and training experiences is a must-do if you want to stay competitive in today’s market. As we head into 2021, think about the ways you can add continuous learning into your mix!

The Bob Pike Group offers dozens of online workshops to help make your own learning journey fun and fulfilling. Check out the virtual training resource center for more information.

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