What Does Training Look Like in 2021?

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It’s been nearly a year since everything in our world shifted and online training became a necessity. The evolution of learning is fascinating to look at, and one thing is for certain—the digital landscape will continue to be an integral part of training and learning in the future.

As you evaluate your L&D strategies from the last couple years, think about how you can continue to optimize it in 2021. The challenges brought by online training will never go away (things like technology blips or engaging with learners behind the computer screen.) The Bob Pike Group team compiled this list of training trends that will continue to help trainers like you tackle these challenges.

Continue to enhance virtual training

Fortunately, this year the scramble of moving in-classroom training to the online world will be less stressful and more organized. New technology, apps, and many months of online training experience will make things a lot easier for trainers and teachers in 2021. Plus, more employees are drawn to the idea of working remote than ever before. With that happening, online training will inevitably be a big piece of L&D programs.

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Create training for mobile first

Training modules have been typically created for desktop users first then later adapted for tablets and mobile phones. This year sees that shift in reverse! Many courses are now being built for the mobile experience first and then transitioning to a desktop user experience instead. This makes it easier for businesses to deliver tools to employees when and where they need them at the tap of a screen.

Focus on training for trainers

It’s no surprise that training behind a computer screen is much different than training in person … and requires a different set of skills. The push for virtual training options has brought on a big need … for trainers that specialize in helping in-person instructors modify their material to the virtual environment. Plus, developing the training itself is different now as virtual training requires more tech skills for engaging training that can be delivered across many different platforms. In fact, The Bob Pike Group offers a Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp that focuses on this!

Continuation of trends from years past

Sure, things are a lot different in 2021, but it doesn’t mean other important training tools have disappeared! In fact, they are more vital than ever now. These include:

  • Microlearning: Tools to keep it easier for employees to quickly grab the skills and knowledge they need to do their jobs well. Learn more about our Microlearning workshops here.
  • Video training: A more robust offering of synchronous and virtual-instructor led videos that employees can access at any time
  • Virtual and augmented reality (or a mix of the two): VR, Augmented Reality (AR) tools that allow employees to work through complex simulations or scenarios wherever they are.

Although the past year has been tricky, the future looks bright for e-learning. Organizations everywhere are stepping up their game to build a future-ready workforce that can support organization-wide initiatives. And what better way to do that than to make sure their training programs are state of the art and can evolve with the changing times!

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