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Tips to Improve Learning Retention

The hope at the end of a presentation is that the participants not only understood you, but ...
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Training-Budget Saving Ideas

Having well trained employees contributes to the success of a company, but not all employers ...
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2018 Pike’s Peak Award Winner: Wounded Warrior Project

Every year at the Creative Training Techniques® Conference, the winner of the Pike’s Peak ...
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Tips for Mastering Technical Training

Technical training has a reputation for being dull and boring. Because of this, teaching ...
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5 Tips to Enhance Your Next Conference Experience with Social Media

Using social media to enhance or prepare for your next conference or event might seem like a ...
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How to Host a Successful Webinar

As technology improves, webinars are becoming an increasingly common component of workplace ...
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How to End Your Class with Impact

It’s common for trainers to save the last 10-15 minutes of their session for questions. ...
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Five Creative Openers to Get Participants’ Brains in the Game

There’s a big difference between opening a training session and simply beginning. A strong ...
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Leave ‘em Jazzed: How to End Your Class with Impact

Do you feel like your class or training session just kind of ends with a whimper rather than ...
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PowerPoint 101: Ditch the Boring Bullet Points

Did you know PowerPoint has been around for 27 years? Just like you, it has experience and ...
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When Silence Is Golden: The Power of the Pause

When you’re presenting and you’re passionate about the subject matter, or familiar with the ...
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6 Main Types of Effective Presentations

We've all been to presentations that inform us, persuade us, instruct us, inspire us, and ...
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