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Before, During and After Tips for a Successful Facilitation

Facilitation, training and lecturing are three different session components that require ...
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5 Great Reasons to Attend CTT 2019

The annual Creative Training Techniques® Conference immerses attendees in the philosophy and ...
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7 Best Practices to Building Great Teams

Team engagement. It may sound like a corporate buzzword, but it is far more important than ...
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The Physical Act of Presenting

There are two parts to a successful presentation: the preparation and the delivery. ...
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Why You Should Create a Microlearning Lesson

We’re crunched for time, attention spans are dwindling, technology is constantly changing. ...
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5 Benefits of Professional Certification

One of the best ways you can differentiate yourself as a dedicated and motivated ...
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How to Choose a Good Convention

Have you ever attended a convention that felt like a waste of time? Conventions and ...
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Playing Games Can Boost Learning

Do you know what the term gamification means? Gamification is a training technique in which ...
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How to Keep up With Changes in Training

For those of you who are out there doing trainings and are not in the virtual world yet, ...
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Training Trends to Come in 2019

The new year is right around the corner. It’s time to take a look at the training methods ...
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Training Success Tips: Treat Your Learners as Clients

Think of the last time you went to your favorite store to purchase something. Maybe that’s ...
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Improve Team Performance with Training

The amount of team-based work has increased in most offices, but with the pace of today’s ...
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