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How to End Your Class with Impact

It’s common for trainers to save the last 10-15 minutes of their session for questions. ...
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Five Creative Openers to Get Participants’ Brains in the Game

There’s a big difference between opening a training session and simply beginning. A strong ...
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Leave ‘em Jazzed: How to End Your Class with Impact

Do you feel like your class or training session just kind of ends with a whimper rather than ...
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PowerPoint 101: Ditch the Boring Bullet Points

Did you know PowerPoint has been around for 27 years? Just like you, it has experience and ...
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When Silence Is Golden: The Power of the Pause

When you’re presenting and you’re passionate about the subject matter, or familiar with the ...
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6 Main Types of Effective Presentations

We've all been to presentations that inform us, persuade us, instruct us, inspire us, and ...
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Helpful Tips for Dealing with Difficult Participants

Difficult participants—they seem to find their way to just about every classroom. Trainers ...
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Key Components of Designing Instructor-Led, Participant-Centered Training

Have you ever been to mandated training that you thought would never end? As the trainer ...
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Change the Game with Training that Sticks

Companies wouldn’t invest in training if they didn’t want their employees to apply the ...
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The 7 Laws of Learning for Training Success

Successful training design and delivery depends on a trainer’s ability to create a learning ...
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Top 5 Benefits of Professional Certification

 At The Bob Pike Group, we support your professional growth and development. One way you can ...
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Bring Your Ideas to Life with Infographics

When your learners are struggling to pay attention, it’s not their fault. It’s just the way ...
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