Top Blog Posts of 2020

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It’s just a few days into the new year, and there’s a lot to be said about 2020! It was a year like no other and kept us all very busy. With the holiday hustle and bustle over, the waning days of January are a great time to look back at the last 12 months and see what was most interesting to The Bob Pike Group blog readers.

And remember that this is more of a guide than in-depth overview, so be sure to click through to read the full blog posts to learn more!

Top 2020 Blog Posts At-A-Glance


6 Benefits of E-Learning From The Comfort Of Home

The year of 2020 became synonymous with the phrases “work from home” and “distance learning.” Companies and schools alike showed a lot of resiliency and adaptability in making this move. And it became apparent there are actually lots of benefits of both working- and e-learning-from-home. Six of those benefits are explored in more detail here.


Evaluate Your Virtual Training In a Few Quick & Easy Ways

It’s no surprise The Bob Pike Group trainers are big proponents of Creative Training Techniques® as a starting point for engaging, participant-centered training! The tips we cover in this blog post cover how to evaluate the effectiveness of your virtual learning. These tips can be applied to teachers who have whipped up an e-learning program for their K-12 students, or for corporate trainers who have spent weeks creating a fine-tuned curriculum for their business group.


5 Key Instructional Design Tips for E-Learning

Virtual course planning needs to be well thought out and organized from the start. Enter Instructional Design as a starting point! The fundamentals laid out in this blog post can be applied to help trainers/teachers create or revise e-learning without having formal training in graphic design or technical apps. It’s a straightforward way for anyone to create eye-catching and effective e-learning modules that will really impress learners. Take a look and think about how you can apply these to your own e-learning courses!


10 Tips for Bringing Training Back Into The Classroom

The wide-scale return of students to school and employees to the office will happen at some point, and we as trainers and teachers have to be ready to pivot and transform virtual training back to the F2F world! In this article, the Bob Pike Group team offers 10 tips to try out as you make the big transition.


Enhance Your E-Learning Sessions With Microlearning

Undoubtedly, 2020 brought to light new challenges in the training and learning spaces. Learners in general likely developed shortened attention spans, faced many in-home distractions, and dealt with countless (and unavoidable) technology blips. Trainers and teachers faced the same! What’s a quick and easy-to-implement solution to help battle some of these virtual learning challenges? Microlearning! The Bob Pike Group team offers tips for adding in small bits of microlearning into your e-learning regimen to keep learners engaged before, during, and after your virtual sessions.


How To Be An Active & Engaged Webinar Participant

Unlike in-person training, it’s no surprise that webinars and other virtual learning sessions can create more of an opportunity for participants to zone out or find other things to do. Who actually loves sitting behind the computer all day while dodging distractions or doorbell rings? A successful training experience takes team effort on both the trainer and learner side! The Bob Pike Group offers great tips for how attendees can be better, active participants before and during any type of online meeting or webinar.


Virtual Training Products To Make Your Job a Breeze

Trainers and teachers alike are using technology more than ever to teach, work, and learn. It’s no coincidence they’re also relying more and more on virtual options and technology add-ins to keep training fresh, fun, and engaging for learners. Are you looking to add in a participant-focused model into your training program or make big changes to your content delivery? Check out this blog post filled with tons of resources that will help make your training planning a breeze!


These are just but a few of the hundreds of helpful articles on The Bob Pike Group blog! What will 2021 bring? Only time will tell. In the meantime, take a look at all the topics that will help you evolve your training into its best version. Also, be sure to explore our catalog of free webinars, virtual workshops, free downloadable case studies, resource guides and much more. Cheers to 2021!