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Change the Game with Training that Sticks

Companies wouldn’t invest in training if they didn’t want their employees to apply the ...

The 7 Laws of Learning for Training Success

Successful training design and delivery depends on a trainer’s ability to create a learning ...
professional certification

Top 5 Benefits of Professional Certification

 At The Bob Pike Group, we support your professional growth and development. One way you can ...

Bring Your Ideas to Life with Infographics

When your learners are struggling to pay attention, it’s not their fault. It’s just the way ...
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The Immeasurable Benefits of Training to Train

Teachers regularly benefit from ongoing education—not only learning more about what they ...
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The Bob Pike Group's Five Laws of Adult Learning 

The Laws of Learning have to do with experience—and doing.   

5 Popular Training Blog Posts From 2017

Like every industry, training is continuously evolving, and doing so faster every year. Best ...

3 New Three-Minute Energizers for 2018

The New Year is always a good opportunity to shake things up. You might start a new exercise ...

What You Need to Know About Gen Z in the Workplace

Just as we’re finally starting to feel comfortable working with and training Millennials, a ...

How to Engage a Multigenerational Workforce

The landscape of today’s working world is unique for a variety of reasons, one of which ...

Transforming Outcomes With Participant-Centered Training

Every year at the Creative Training Techniques® Conference, we present the Pike’s Peak Award ...
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Top 5 Takeaways From CTTC 2017

A couple weeks ago, we held our 24th Annual Creative Training Techniques® Conference in ...
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