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23 webinar ice breakers with a purpose

Your learners are wondering three things. I’m talking about the burning questions on their ...
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3 ways to instantly make your webinars more FUN

Lecture. Boredom. Forgettable content.
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5 Biggest Mistakes Virtual Trainers Make

Have you made any of them?
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10 Reasons Webinar Learners Tune Out

While you watch the movie clip below, be thinking about all the various factors that make ...
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4 Steps to Sparking Change in your Online Learners

New perspectives. New attitudes. New behaviors.
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7 signs you’re a pro virtual presenter

Am I doing this right?
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6 tips to deliver better virtual presentations

You’ve got great ideas.
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How to facilitate an enlightening Q&A

Didn’t see that one coming.
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5 deadly sins of virtual presentations

Want your webinar attendees to zone out?
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Writing as a Trainer: 9 Tips to Build a Better Blog

Whether you realize it or not, as a trainer or speaker you have another natural skill you ...
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Want to have a voice that people love listening to?

Why can’t we all sound like James Earl Jones?
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8 myths and truths about virtual presentations

It’s difficult enough.
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