5 Viruses that Corrupt Recorded Trainings

Recorded training sessions have become the backbone of modern learning, offering flexibility and accessibility. However, just like any technology, there are viruses that can corrupt your efforts. Let's explore these five viruses and equip you with the knowledge to safeguard your training sessions.

Virus #1: "A Great Mic Isn't Worth the Investment."

The image shows a podcasting setup with a microphone and a laptop displaying a video call, accompanied by a notebook and a lamp, suggesting a home studio environment.

Investing in a quality microphone is often overlooked but can significantly enhance the learning experience. A cheap or built-in laptop microphone might deliver roomy and tinny sounds, diminishing the overall quality. Upgrade to a dedicated USB microphone like the Shure MV7 for crisp, clear audio. The Rode PSA1+ boom arm complements it, providing flexibility and improved sound even when you're on your feet.

Virus #2: "It's Too Hard to Assess Learners' Knowledge in a Recording."

 close-up of a standardized test answer sheet with multiple-choice questions, filled in with pencil marks. A yellow pencil with a pointed tip rests on the sheet, indicating either a pause in answering or the completion of the test.

Assessing knowledge in a recording can be challenging, but it's not impossible. Incorporate online quizzes, like those offered by UMU, directly into your recordings. This not only gauges learners' understanding but also keeps them engaged. Don't let the misconception of difficulty limit your ability to evaluate the effectiveness of your training.

Virus #3: "I Don't Have Time to Prepare an Interactive Handout."

a woman seated at a desk, smiling as she writes in a green notebook. She is dressed in a casual white blouse, with her hair neatly straightened. In front of her is a laptop, suggesting she may be working from home or conducting remote studies. The background shows a modern living space with a sofa adorned with yellow pillows and a potted plant, contributing to a bright and comfortable atmosphere.

Handouts are not just supplementary materials; they are the keys to keeping participants engaged. Prepare interactive handouts with blanks, true or false statements, QR codes, trivia, and multiple-choice questions. These thoughtfully crafted materials enhance the learning experience and serve as valuable references for participants.

Virus #4: "I Can't Gamify a Recording."

a hand holding a fan of colorful numbered cards against a background scattered with more cards. The cards have different colors with numbers, resembling the gameplay elements of a popular card game, likely used for family or group entertainment.

Gamifying a recording adds an element of fun and engagement. Dispel the myth that it's impossible. Incorporate self-paced games using platforms like C3Softworks. Whether it's a quiz or a scenario-based game, gamification creates a dynamic learning environment, making your training more enjoyable and memorable.

Virus #5: "I Don't Know How to Facilitate a Variety of Interactions in a Recording."

a vibrant collection of crayons in various colors closely grouped together, with the tips pointing towards the center. The crayons appear new with sharp tips, indicating they have not been used much, if at all. The range of colors and the waxy texture are characteristic of crayons commonly used for drawing and coloring, especially by children.

Diversity in interactions is key to an engaging recorded training session. Beyond handouts, encourage participants to engage through discussion groups, or if you’re playing a recorded training in a Zoom session, leverage features like reaction buttons, text chatting, annotation features, holding up fingers to the webcam, etc. Variety keeps participants active and invested in the learning process.

As you navigate through these five viruses, reflect on your training approach. Are you susceptible to any of these pitfalls? By understanding and addressing these challenges, you can fortify your recorded training, making it a valuable and transformative experience for both you and your participants. Don't let these viruses compromise the effectiveness of your efforts. Embrace the solutions and elevate your training sessions to new heights.

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