3 Myths & Truths About Themes for Your Trainings

Lots of trainers have misconceptions about what it takes to create an impactful themed workshop.

And those misconceptions might demotivate us from being creative and cause us to not lean in fully to creating a theme for our workshop. But themes make our content more fun and memorable!

Myth #1: A theme helps you get attention

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Believe it or not, a themed costume is not about getting attention as a trainer.

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It's about helping direct learners’ attention to all the various areas of a themed workshop to make it more fun and memorable for them.

Truth #1: A theme helps you direct learners’ attention

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The job of a ringmaster in a circus is to direct the attention of the audience to the various aspects of the circus. And the same is true when it comes to theming a workshop.

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A theme will help you direct the attention of the audience and direct the attention of the learners and make things stand out for them, making these activities that are themed more engaging for them.

Myth #2: You need a big personality

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In fact, the opposite is true.

Truth #2: Themes take pressure off the presenter

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The workshop becomes less about the presenter, and it becomes more about the theme. We as the presenter don't need to carry the entire load of creating engagement and entertainment.

When you create a fun theme, the theme does the heavy lifting. The themed activities, slides, analogies, video clips, and games carry the load of making your training fun and memorable, rather than just us as the trainer.

Myth #3: Themes take too much time to plan

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Truth #3: Themes make brainstorming your content (and cutting content) go faster

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In our workshop “Dream Theme: Make Your Training Fun & Memorable,” we were pulling in a lot of different examples from past workshops that we’ve led that are themed. We knew we only had time to show a handful of examples.

The fact that we themed that workshop as a circus theme helped us narrow in on video clips that made the most sense for us to use.

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What slide design made the most sense for us to use.

9 benefits of creating a theme

What closer activity made the most sense for us to use (which was also circus themed).

Because it’s all themed. And it’s all memorable.

Among those myths and truths that I outlined, which truth is the most relieving to you?

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