Training Icebreaker Activity: Four Quadrant Name Tent

Creative Training Technique: Opener

Name: Four Quadrant Name Tent

Objectives: Break the ice

Become better acquainted

Provide focus on the topic

For a class three hours or longer

For any audience

For a group of 12 or more in subgroups of five to seven

Time 10-15 minutes


Copy of the name tent sample

One copy of the name tent template for each person

A pen or fine-point marker for each person


Process: The trainer gives each participant a copy of the four quadrant name tent and asks everyone to fold the paper into thirds, making a triangular name tent with one side being the bottom and remaining blank. He or she displays the sample on an overhead projector. The “front” of the name tent is for the participant to decorate and insert his or her name and company name.


The back of the tent is divided into four “window panes,” in which participants write or draw four things about themselves, one in each pane. These items could be about one’s personal life, professional life, family life, a talent, an interest, best vacation spot, favorite sport, and so forth.


Participants are asked not to share while they are writing, but to wait until all their panes are filled.


The trainer debriefs the activity with everyone in the room for a smaller group or in teams for a larger group.


*This opener is from 50 Creative Training Openers and Energizers by Bob Pike and Lynn Solem. 

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