2019 Winner Of Two Training Magazine Network’s Choice Awards

The Bob Pike Group is honored to be named a winner of two awards in the inaugural 2019 Training Magazine Network’s Choice Awards in the areas of Custom Content/Program Development and Gamification. We appreciate the support of their network and you to help us achieve great things like this!

The Training Magazine Network Choice Awards sponsored by Training magazine was launched this fall as the industry’s first crowd-sourced awards program. Training Magazine’s Network 141,000+ member community cast their votes for their favorite supplier partners and the products/solutions/tools they find most effective across five categories:

Why is it important to prepare ahead of time?

Being able to do your best to prepare for a presentation shows your audience that you cared to take the time to be able to clearly deliver the messaging and content they’re excited to absorb. A smooth presentation with clear objectives and delivery will surely result in better content retention and engagement.

Here’s a quick and handy list to guide you as you prepare for your next presentation. Not every tip will work for you, so pick and choose what best suits your training style. You won’t regret taking the time to prep. Oh, and always remember that participant-centered training is king!

  • Custom Content/Program Development
  • Gamification
  • Learning Portal/LMS
  • Measurement, Testing & Assessment
  • Authoring Tools

More than 3,300 votes were by 1,253 unique respondents for this peer-rated and crowd-sourced recognition. Winners across each category will be publicly honored at the Training 2020 Conference & Expo in February along with a mention in the January/February 2020 edition of Training.

Award-Winning Categories at The Bob Pike Group

Custom Content/Program Development
As the industry-leading firm for training trainers and designing custom training programs, the team at The Bob Pike Group believes lecture-based teaching is wasteful. To challenge the traditional lecture-based training approach, our team developed custom Creative Training Techniques® to help trainers cover twice the material in half the time—while making the material engaging for all participants.

The Bob Pike Group designs customized training programs around your content and goals to make it 100% participant-centered! Check out all our public and onsite train-the-trainer courses to experience how instructor-led, participant-centered training will make your job easier and your training more fun!

Much of the classroom and online training development at The Bob Pike Group centers on incorporating gamification elements. Like any participant-centered training technique, gamification is just one tool in the training toolbox. There’s no denying gamification offers huge benefits for learners in regards to engagement, motivation, team building, and retention—all of which are essential to improving training outcomes.

We invite you to sign up for the next Gamification in Training workshop by The Bob Pike Group to uncover more ways to make training more fun and impactful through the implementation of game-like activities as you lead your next training session. Discover how elements like badging and rewards dramatically increase engagement among participants!

About The Training Magazine Network
The Training Magazine Network is a platform for social learning and networking for the exchange of ideas and resources among global learning professionals and thought leaders. Training magazine is a 50-year-old professional development magazine that advocates training and workforce development as a business tool.

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