4 Major Corporate Training Trends in 2020

It’s here … 2020! As we enter the new decade, it’s a great time to explore how the corporate training and e-learning landscape will continue to evolve. Millennials will make up approximately 75 percent of the workforce this year.  According to Gallup research, 87 percent of this group says professional development or career growth opportunities are very important to them in a job

With that in mind, The Bob Pike Group has compiled training trends to keep your eyes on in 2020. These trends tackle the above stats head on to keep training interesting, relevant and fresh for learners across all generations, really.

4 Corporate Training Trends That Will Make An Impact In 2020

1. AI-Powered Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) and personalized training go hand in hand. The days of a legacy learning management systems (LMSs) as a blanket training solution for all employees are quickly coming to an end. As AI is implemented into an LMS, it becomes more intelligent over time. It follows users’ behaviors and identifying knowledge gaps in real time to deliver adaptive content and personalized training solutions in real time.

Organizations worldwide will continue to utilize the AI training approach to increase employee engagement while being able to measure learning impact and revise learning programs to suit every learner’s unique needs. From learning experience platforms and traditional LMSs to chatbot-based coaching tools and content curation applications, watch out for AI and machine learning to be more commonplace.

2. Actionable Coach-Led Training

Employees can only make improvements on their performance if they know what those gaps are. The new year will bring in—or continue to evolve— a training model where it is imperative to train managers to take on a more hands-on, coaching role. They should step up as mentors who not only foster their employees’ growth; but help realize employees’ strengths in a better, hands-on way.

Leaders who coach employees instead of commanding them can build a much more talented and agile workforce, which leads to a healthy business. This is a great opportunity to utilize Creative Training Techniques® during management training! As the trainer, you can create simulations that engage participants and offer the opportunity to practice coaching techniques with each other. As they practice, you’ll provide real-time feedback regarding how much they talk or if they’re too quick to provide the answers without challenging their employees. There’s no doubt that designing a coach training program for management is a must have in 2020!

The On-The-Job Training (OJT) workshop from The Bob Pike Group is a great place to start! Done right, OJT makes employees more versatile, enhances self-esteem and personal growth, and encourages workplace values  

3. Self-Led Microlearning

This trend will continue to hang out in a big way in 2020!  Microlearning will continue to evolve in 2020, where snack-size courses and experiential learning options will be developed for employees to incorporate into their daily grind. Let’s be honest, they are likely focused on an impending deadline on a big project or their own next report they are to deliver—and it’s easy to push training aside.

When you incorporate self-paced learning into your training program, employees can improve in their roles much faster than if they wait for someone else to tell them what to learn and when. They’re more likely to be engaged when it is on their own time and accord. In a nutshell, microlearning is designed to deliver educational content in smaller, specific bursts for just enough, just in time training. Videos, e-learning, smartphone job-related tidbit content delivery, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing are a few examples of this growing trend.

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4. Training Focus On Soft Skills

Sure, evolving technology and the move to automation/AI seem to be a common theme for the new year—but soft human skills like creativity, communication, collaboration, quick-thinking, and others are more important as ever. Think of it this way: how many times do you text versus a quick phone call? Or send an email instead of an office visit? These are faster and easier, so it makes sense! AI and automated training, while very efficient and personalized, take away a bit from the human-to-human factor/soft-skill practicing.

The Stanford Research Institute International and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation found that 75% of long-term job success depends upon soft skills mastery and only 25% on technical skills. Soft-skills training will become core to organizational and employee success in the new year. These skills are not learned or perfected in a one-and-done e-learning course or workshop—they should be developed through multiple training experiences over an extended time period. Training professionals must create comprehensive learning experiences to develop this important skill set. Think of all the unique course design opportunities this will bring you in 2020!

Corporate training trends from 2019 will only continue to improve with all the great technology advancements, including a big focus on virtual and augmented reality. Overall, the biggest shift in 2020 is going to be on-the-job training that occurs seamlessly in the flow of work with immediate application.

On the dawn of a great new decade, think about the new strategies and tactics you can use in your training in 2020. These are just four trends that are emerging in the new year but it’s always important to stay up to date on new ideas and approaches to keep your training relevant and useful. Sign up for the free monthly newsletter from The Bob Pike Group today!

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