9 Benefits of Creating Themes for Your Trainings

Here are nine benefits of creating themes for your trainings.

9 benefits of creating a theme

1. Fun

A theme makes your training more fun. It's inevitable, and you'll feel that in the level of joy, happiness, and excitement that your learners give back to you. Their smiles, verbally unmuting their mic, engaging in the chat box, etc.

2. Memorable

Learners are more likely to remember the content of a workshop simply because it’s themed. And if that's all it takes to make this content a little more memorable for you, that's worth it.

3. Illustrations

A theme allows for illustrations. As in object lessons, analogies, video clips, etc. that'll make your content more understandable and sticky.

4. Costumes

Themes give you great ideas for costumes that make your training more memorable and more fun.

a red hair wig on a guy

5. Design Ideas

Themes give you design ideas, both for your handout and for your slides especially, that create a consistent thematic thread throughout your entire training.

6. Icebreakers

Themes gives you ideas for icebreakers, aka soft openers. These are the slides that we run through in the handful of minutes before we actually start a training, to let learners engage with lighthearted content and practice using the webinar annotation tools that’ll keep them involved in the session.

type below

stamp your favorite character on the office

7. CORE Ideas

Aka Closer, Opener, Revisiter and Energizer ideas that are themed. That makes the training and those activities more engaging and easier to remember.

8. Game Ideas

Themes give you game ideas. Here’s an example of how I've used a theme to gamify the content and make it more fun and memorable.

space race

google the questions i assign you

9. Prize Ideas

Themes give you ideas for prizes. If you connect your prize ideas and even the incentives for people to participate throughout the workshop, that'll make your content more memorable as well.

text chat

Which of those nine benefits of creating a theme intrigues you the most? Why is that benefit especially important to you or an area where you want to grow?

circle the one that interests you the most

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