6 Benefits of E-Learning From The Comfort Of Home

One of the biggest benefits of e-learning, as we all know, is that it offers a lot of flexibility. You can really do it anywhere and at any time (unless it is a live webinar … but fortunately most webinars are available on demand!). Either way, there is no reason that corporate training or e-learning needs to always take place in the office or cubicle.

With that said, there are many great benefits of escaping the busy office life to focus on your own career development and other skills. That’s when occasionally completing e-learning courses from home can be beneficial for anyone—and it’s important to remember that e-learning from home is not lazy.

The Advantages of E-Learning At Home

1. Learn whatever you want … whenever you want!
While the office provides the ideal environment for collaboration and face-to-face interactions—it can also become easy to get distracted and busy in the shuffle of meetings and to-dos. Online learning works for everyone, in that digital content can be accessed, discussed, and consumed on anyone’s schedule and from any location. Thanks, Wi-Fi! Depending on availability and comfort, many people choose to learn at weekends or evenings where they can really focus, too.

2. Comfort and convenience.
Who wouldn't want to knock out some training sessions from the comfort of their own cozy chair? With e-learning, all visuals and training materials are provided via online platforms. As long as there’s Wi-Fi or data available, users can access everything they need without trekking out into rush hour traffic or out on a day with rough weather conditions.

3. Self-paced learning.
Everyone has their own learning style and time required to comprehend new information. With online learning, users can access the content an unlimited number of times and at the time of the day or week when they feel the most focused. Online training content is also continually updated, ensuring users will always have the latest and greatest information no matter when they hop online.

4. It comes in all forms!
Training from home doesn’t have to happen in the form of watching a live webinar or taking a live online course. It can be as simple as checking out helpful podcasts, perusing case studies, reading through free training guides for new tips and tricks, or browsing through free webinars on demand. There are so many great options out there to obtain new nuggets of knowledge … and many can be done from the coziest corner of your couch!

5. Cost effective.
This covers both time and money, because e-learning from home happens easily and quickly. A lot of training time is reduced in regards to trainers, travel, course materials, and the like. An organization itself also reaps enhanced profitability, without having to cover employees’ travel expenses for instance. Plus, it’s paperless so the environmental impact (and associated costs) is minimal, too.

6. Resume booster.
No matter where someone’s career stands, an online training program will always enhance any resume. It shows internal leaders or other potential employers the commitment to self-development and eagerness to obtain new knowledge and skill sets. By offering employees the flexibility to e-learn from home in a focused, comfortable environment, companies are also investing in the employee’s morale that in turn affects their work quality.

E-learning at home is effective and efficient!

Just as much as e-learning is in the office! Having this flexibility has a positive influence on both the organization’s profitability and employees’ morale. If it's done right, any online training can help employees develop the skills they need to do their jobs effectively and expand their knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s completed at home or in the office, e-learning is worth the effort no matter the end goal. Start out your own e-learning from home by checking out dozens of free resources from The Bob Pike Group that will enhance your very own career skills!

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