The Perks of Performance Consulting

Working remotely has pushed us all to look outside the box to get our jobs done as effectively as possible through virtual and technological means. Survival mode may kick in to just “get things done” while pushing other tasks to the side. The reality is that the new normal is going to be different for the foreseeable future, so it’s time to add back in some of those outlying professional tasks into the daily grind—namely, performance consulting!

A performance consultant is a trusted advisor to L&D leaders. Rather than trainers fulfilling training orders, performance consultants help teams understand and solve complex strategic issues.

When everything is normal, even professional development training is overlooked and seemingly underappreciated as a retention and recruitment tool. But investing in the growth and development of employees is a smart idea for any organization.

Did you know that everyone involved can benefit from the magic of performance consulting? Here are the top perks The Bob Pike Group team has identified.

8 Performance Consulting Perks for Trainers & Participants

  1. As a consulting advisor, implementing performance consulting is a great way to continue challenging yourself professionally and personally. Employees will value that you “practice what you preach” through implementation of effective performance consulting measures that enhance their development.
  2. It boosts employees’ job satisfaction. When employees can do their jobs more effectively, they become more confident in their day-to-day decision making and work.
  3. Professional development helps raise overall team expertise when employees with vastly different backgrounds and levels of expertise are encouraged to share information with one another.
  4. It empowers employees to be proactive when issues start to form, since they trust you as they navigate challenges. They will be more inclined to accept your recommendations, then work with you to implement them.
  5. Employees will be allies who help increase your stakeholder alliances, get wider and deeper buy-in, and act as references for other potential clients inside and outside the organization.
  6. Being viewed as a trusted performance consulting advisor allows you to help solve more complex strategic issues while shaping the L&D strategy of your organization.
  7. Performance consulting programs not only allow employees to perform better while increasing their responsibilities; but they also allow organizations to attract top in-demand candidates, retain their best employees, and promote future leaders.
  8. You’ll build a positive reputation as a leader who cares about its workforce and strive to employ only the best. Customers and clients will also benefit from the high level of efficient service they receive with performance consulting practices put into place!

The Bob Pike Group team offers trainers like you a repeatable 4-step performance consulting process—that will guide your work, open doors and ultimately fix the right problems for the right people at the right time. Want to position yourself as the go-to strategic partner in training? The 2-day Performance Consulting workshop will show you the way!

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