Spring Refresh for your Training Program

5 Ways to Refresh Your Training This Spring

Spring is here! That means warm days, extra sunshine, and spring cleaning after a long winter. New Year’s resolutions are off-track for many of us (that’s just how it goes), but the arrival of spring brings back the motivation to get things done. So there’s no better time than now to give your training program a spring refresh, too! It’s time to dust off any lost resolutions and start anew.

The Bob Pike Group team has compiled a list of five easy-to-dos to help trainers like you spring clean your training program. By checking these off your list, you’ll be back up to speed with your goals in no time and will experience the most positive results!

  1. Analyze your current program & gather feedback
    Check for skill gaps you need to address and look at who needs training and what kind they need in the everchanging workplace environment. Review the results of your training plan and course options. What is working and not working? Why have your learners preferred a certain course over others? Are e-learning courses meeting the needs of your learners better than onsite sessions? The end goal is to make sure your training program is still relevant!
  2. Align your learning objectives with your organization’s objectives
    What is the main goal of your training? It’s not always an easy question to answer! Look at what your organization’s goals are for the year. For instance, if your organization is launching a new product, employees will not only need to be well-versed in the new product—but also in the nitty gritty the company’s happenings, too. Keep your training program responsive or adaptable for situations like this. The pace of change in the world and workplace is quick, and some goals might be so last year.
  3. Give current templates and training materials a makeover
    Has your PowerPoint been updated in the last year, two years, or longer? It’s easy to get stuck using the same format you’ve been using forever. Old, outdated e-learning templates are probably not helping your current training programs. It’s time for a modern refresh! These are some signs your materials need a refresh:
    • It’s only printed: Paper gets tossed … mobile or digital training pieces do not!
    • It’s out of style: If you think your training materials look old and outdated with fonts, imagery, etc.… then they probably are (and your users will notice).
    • There is no means of feedback: It’s very important for participants in the training process be able to voice their feedback so you can continually make improvements. What you don’t know … you can’t improve or fix.
  4. Update your offerings with new learning techniques
    How can you enhance your training program? Look at new ways to really engage learners using Creative Training Techniques®. Incorporating gamification techniques, storytelling, live Q&As, guest speakers, and panel discussions are just a few ideas. Learner engagement is extremely important for retention and application in the real world. Don’t forget to add in bite-sized microlearning curriculum here and there, too!
  5. Sign up for an Instructional Design course
    The Bob Pike Group’s Instructional Design workshop will give you the kickstart you need to refresh your training! In this workshop, you’ll experience how instructor-led, participant-centered Creative Training Techniques® can transform training outcomes. You’ll also take with you a 4-step process for creating training programs that engage learners, accelerate the learning process, and deliver results—every single time.

And through this all, don’t forget to look at your own personal development plans and goals. What has changed since the beginning of the year for your own plans? What you resolved to tackle in January may have already been accomplished, and it’s time to pinpoint new goals for your own development!

Want to really dive into optimizing your training program? Register now for the 27th Annual Creative Training Techniques® Conference from September 27-October 2, 2020 in Minneapolis, MN. Your people will learn more in less time and have fun in the process. CTT 2020 is the only conference that models participant-centered training to you from start to finish. If you’re looking to add exciting new energy to your training program, this is a conference you cannot miss!

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