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Blog Post Thumbnail: 4 questions to get learners to re engage

4 Questions to Ask That Will Get Your Learners to Re-Engage

Distractions are everywhere. Whether it’s a text message or a push alert, these distractions ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: 5 Ways to Level Up Your Virtual Presentation

5 Ways to Level Up Your Virtual Presentation

Presentation matters when you’re a trainer. Participants need to be engaged—entertained, ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: 5-activities-for-microlearning

5 Rapid Mini Session Activities Perfect for Microlearning

The power of microlearning is in its brevity. Short bursts of learning are used to distill ...
Blog Post Thumbnail:

4 Steps to Receive Better Training Evaluations

Feedback is essential for growth. That’s especially true in virtual settings, where computer ...
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Spring Refresh for your Training Program

5 Ways to Refresh Your Training This Spring Spring is here! That means warm days, extra ...
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Meet The Bob Pike Group’s Two Newest Training Consultants

After a national search, 250 highly qualified applicants, and a dozen stellar finalists, The ...
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4 Major Corporate Training Trends in 2020

It’s here … 2020! As we enter the new decade, it’s a great time to explore how the corporate ...
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2019 Winner Of Two Training Magazine Network’s Choice Awards

The Bob Pike Group is honored to be named a winner of two awards in the inaugural 2019 ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: blog-hero-chat-with-doug-mccallum

A Chat With Doug McCallum:

The History & Future of Participant-Centered Training Doug McCallum, recently retired ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: BPG_Blog_1000X500_July 2019-2

Measuring Training Performance

Tips and tricks for effective training with measurable results
Blog Post Thumbnail: consultant_LI

Before, During and After Tips for a Successful Facilitation

Facilitation, training and lecturing are three different session components that require ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 11.50.10 AM

5 Great Reasons to Attend CTT 2019

The annual Creative Training Techniques® Conference immerses attendees in the philosophy and ...
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