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6 superheroes who will power up your virtual training skills

Let’s play a game. It’s called “Name that Superhero.” Here are the rules…
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The ONE Thing all 'Super Trainers' Have in Common

Who's your favorite superhero? Batman? Thor? Wonder Woman?
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How to Keep Your Training Plans Flexible (In-Person or Online)

Flexibility. It’s something most employees want in their careers, and it’s becoming ...
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5 Tips for a Better Presentation In Person or Online

Presentations are a form of public speaking. For many trainers, that means one thing: fear. ...
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What is Hybrid Training?

The events of 2020 caused nearly all professional trainers to embrace virtual and online ...
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How Do You Know When it's Time to Train the Trainer?

Sometimes you get the sense that things aren’t quite clicking. Maybe learners are glancing ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: 4 questions to get learners to re engage

4 Questions to Ask That Will Get Your Learners to Re-Engage

Distractions are everywhere. Whether it’s a text message or a push alert, these distractions ...
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How to Wrap Up: 9 Tips and Tricks to Close Effectively

Nothing can undercut a great training session like a conclusion that fizzles out. Maybe ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: 5 Ways to Level Up Your Virtual Presentation

5 Ways to Level Up Your Virtual Presentation

Presentation matters when you’re a trainer. Participants need to be engaged—entertained, ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: 5-activities-for-microlearning

5 Rapid Mini Session Activities Perfect for Microlearning

The power of microlearning is in its brevity. Short bursts of learning are used to distill ...
Blog Post Thumbnail: a woman speaking at a podium

Tips for Transitions: How to Move From One Topic to the Next

You don’t want to lose your audience. But every time you move from one topic to the next, ...
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4 Steps to Receive Better Training Evaluations

Feedback is essential for growth. That’s especially true in virtual settings, where computer ...
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