Playing Games Can Boost Learning

Do you know what the term gamification means? Gamification is a training technique in which you apply low-tech, inexpensive game elements to boost engagement. This method is one of the few training trends to come in 2019.

You might immediately wonder, would adding games to your training distract your participants? Sometimes they can, but not if you implement them in the right way.

Games can make learning more fun, impactful and can help increase retention. Just like Diane Ackerman—contemporary American author—put it,

"Play is our brain's favorite way of learning."

And that rings true. When participants are engaged and have fun they’re more likely to remember the lesson long-term.

Participants immerse themselves when they are using cooperation and when they are competing. Whether you use an outward competition—e.g. participants being awarded dots—or if you use an internal competition—when participants want to personally do better than last time—games create engagement.

If you’re still wondering how you can incorporate gamification into your training, you’re in luck! The Bob Pike Group holds multiple Gamification workshops throughout the year.

Show your manager how attending a Gamification in Training workshop can measurably benefit your team and your company. Here are 8 takeaways you can expect from the workshop:

  • Learn the what, why and how behind gamification in the classroom
  • Discover a repeatable process to create your own games
  • Design an original game to align with your own content
  • Explore the brain-science behind the intrinsic attraction of gaming
  • Examine both no-tech and low-tech options to bring gaming elements to the classroom
  • Practice methods to debrief and evaluate training games
  • Choose ways to customize games for any size audience and setting
  • Gain 10 tips for gaming in a virtual classroom

Learn how to create your own games that promote friendly competition, recognize achievement and reward learning and behavior change.

Sign up for The Bob Pike Group’s Gamification in Training workshop to receive the tools you need to add variety to your training immediately without expensive equipment or software.

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