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Involving Opener

An opener is an activity that breaks preoccupation, facilitates networking and is relevant ...
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Group Projects

Group projects have so many useful purposes in a classroom. Some of these include having ...
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Agenda Presentation

To prevent later confusion, start each class by outlining the scope of the course. You can ...
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Practical Applications

Remaining intensely practical will consistently help learners maintain interest as they ...
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Sailing the Five Cs

Last year, Doug McCallum took the challenge upon himself to create at least one activity for ...
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Two Quick Activities to Easily Adapt, Adopt, Apply

Wanda Meyers, program manager at HRSA Learning Institute in Rockville, Md., attended The Bob ...
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Asked and Answered: Accountability and Feedback Exercises

Asked: I am looking for different training activities regarding a manager's approach to ...
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Two Tech Tips for Flipped Classrooms

A newer trend in education is called the flipped classroom. Some teachers are sending ...
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Babystepping into Interactive Training

Norfolk Naval Shipyard [NNSY] was named one of this year’s Pike’s Peak Award recipients ...
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Pike's Peak Award Winners Named for 2009

Today, the Pike’s Peak Awards were presented to four organizations which have demonstrated ...
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Discovering Your Blind Spots: Ending Everyday Business Mistakes

A blind spot, when driving a car, means your mirrors don’t give you a complete picture of ...
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More Creative Openers and Energizers

Our participants come into the classroom with their brains “full.” They are distracted. The ...
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