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10 Presenter Myths and Truths

Throughout the years, we’ve seen dozens of myths come up over and over again about how to be ...
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Setting Up For Success: Classroom Prep

So you’ve planned a dynamo instructional design for your upcoming training session, but now ...
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The Group Gallery: An Energizing Revisiter

Brain-based research says that people generally need to review new information at least six ...
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6 Design Disasters to Avoid

Mistakes are often made due to lack of knowledge and experience or simply in haste. When it ...
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4-Step Process to Manage Poor Performance

Managing poor employee performance is hard. It can lead to anger, finger pointing and can ...
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Using Flip Charts in Training

We know what you’re thinking: “Flip charts? Aren’t those so old school?” The answer: yes, ...
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How to Succeed as an Introverted Leader

If you’re an introvert working in an extroverted environment or industry, it’s not uncommon ...
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5 Critical Steps for Instructional Design

No matter what you’re teaching or training, a solid program is critical in order for your ...
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Guidelines for Adding Mentoring to Your Training

Your primary goal as a trainer is to change the behavior of your participants by helping ...
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4 Tips for Powerful Group Exercises

Last month, we told you how to design and facilitate a group activity that empowers your ...
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Evaluating Training Effectiveness – The Four Levels of Evaluation

It’s time to step back and evaluate your training effectiveness. Not only do you need to ...
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Train-the-Trainer Tip: Allow Participants to Play

"Play now or pay later" is how one author has described the importance of making sure we ...
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