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The Ultimate Guide to Active Learning Techniques

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Engaging your audience during training is critical to the success of your training. When participants go back to their job, are they applying what you taught? If participants are passively listening while you’re reviewing power point slides, chances are they’re minds are drifting. The Bob Pike Group’s Creative Training Techniques® can be worked into your existing training to enhance what you’re currently doing. Experienced trainers are also available to help you completely overhaul your entire course.  


Review of the Basic Laws of Learning

Build the 7 laws of learning into your training session to motivate your participants and they’ll want to engage with your topic. If you’re still relying on power point slides full of text and few graphics, you’re behind the times. Your participants need to be actively participating in order to have the information you’re communicating stick. If the participants aren’t remembering what you taught them or applying it back on the job, it’s your responsibility to rethink your training. What can you do to make your training more impactful?

Group Activities

Getting your audience to actively participate in a group activity is one effective way to ensure your message is getting through. Study after study shows the importance of knowing your audience and tailoring your message to fit their needs. As a facilitator, your job is to ensure everyone in the room is comfortable with the exercise. You have a mixture of extroverts and introverts and need to moderate the level of participation.

Clicker Technology Allows Instant Quantifiable Results

One technique that works well to get the group excited is audience response technology. It’s often used to bring energy to meetings, events and trainings. Response technology can gather instant results to polls and assessments to gauge audience awareness and engagement. You receive information real-time to know what to focus more on vs what they already have a clear understanding of. You can poll anonymously to gather honest feedback or on an individual basis to allow for assessments. You can split the audience into groups to form teams. Nothing engages an audience like a little friendly competition!

Learn more why boring training is ineffective

Join Erin Fullerman for Her New Session: Get Your Click On 

You'll find new sessions to refresh your training at the Annual Conference! Erin will share how to create a better learning environment through technology.  By participating yourself in this Instructor-Led, Participant-Centered (ILPC) training session, you will learn how audience response technology can be usefully integrated into every training environment to enhance learning at all levels. Employee engagement remains the top concern for executive leadership. You'll learn proven training methods that drive training results through increased learner engagement!  

The Bob Pike Group Training Gets Results for Your Organization

The Bob Pike Group Workshops provide the techniques you need and opportunities to practice these techniques so you’re confident and ready to apply them when you’re back on the job.

Learn how to write effective training objectives with this Free Guide: 5 Tips for Writing Effective Objectives.

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