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Trainers and teachers alike are now using technology more than ever to teach, work, and learn. It’s no coincidence they’re also relying more and more on virtual options and technology add-ins to keep training fresh, fun, and engaging for learners.

Whether you are looking to add in a participant-focused model into your training program or making big changes to your content delivery, we want to help make your training a breeze! See for yourself this compilation of our favorite virtual training resources.

Virtual Training Products From Our Partners

We absolutely cannot compile a list of our favorite training products without touting the talented partners The Bob Pike Group is lucky enough to work with! Our training team uses many of the products offered by the below partners, and we encourage you to take a look at their offerings, too.

C3 Softworks: Games

One word: Gamification. If you’re looking to add fun and learner engagement to your virtual training sessions, C3 Softworks has you covered with their customizable gaming software. Their catalog of training products include online and classroom games, online quizzes, virtual presentation and polling technology, and wireless and mobile keypad interaction capabilities that really help boost learner engagement (think gameshow buzzers!). We especially enjoy their Ultimate Game and Quiz Builder, where you can enter your own content and preferences—and a game is created within minutes. 

Simpleshow: Explainer Videos

Have a complex topic that may need a simple explanation? Simpleshow offers explainer videos to tackle this quandary. Their team specializes in creating simple and engaging video solutions that transform your message into a convincing explainer video or interactive experience. We all know how important it is to incorporate microlearning into your training program—Simpleshow explainer videos are the perfect solution! They are short, smart, fun, and explanatory. Whether you incorporate them into your actual virtual training session or send as an extra add-in afterwards, explainer videos offer a unique way for knowledge transfer.

UMU: Course Creation

UMU stands for You, Me, and Us. This site helps you connect and engage your learners wherever, and whenever they’re learning. Their artificial intelligence capabilities allow you to create microlearning, assessments, practice activities, and more. Their course builder is especially intuitive! You can use UMU to create self-paced courses, interact with a live audience, or continually engage people throughout a blended learning program. Their AI-enabled platform empowers training leaders and educators to drive performance and results.

The Bob Pike Group Virtual Resources

People are working from home, but training certainly continues. Experience how virtual training can be just as engaging and effective as classroom training with these virtual training resources by The Bob Pike Group team.

Custom Training Sessions

The Bob Pike Group can help your team gather remotely for a unique virtual training or workshop experience that is just as engaging and team-centric as being in-person. Our trainers will help you identify or even customize the best workshop to suit your team and business needs. Your training goals will be at top of mind, and you can assure we will provide you the best solution to set your team up for success. See more details here.

Crash Courses

Online meetings, lessons, and other online interactions even challenge seasoned trainers because of technology and distance. If you’re short on time and ready for a quick how-to or refresher on optimizing your training content for the virtual world, our 3-hour-long crash courses are perfect. Choose from Virtual Presentation Skills, Virtual Classroom Management, and Virtual Instructional Design crash courses. 


Our Virtual Training Resource Center is a one-stop-shop for anything and everything e-learning and virtual training. Let our experienced team be your guide as you navigate the unique challenges that virtual training brings. From on-demand webinars, virtual trainer kits and books to free resource downloads and helpful blog posts—we’ve got you covered with so many great resources on just this one page alone!

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