Why Get a Professional Trainer Certification Through The Bob Pike Group?

Earning a professional training and development certification is one way to set yourself apart in a competitive workforce. A certification demonstrates your commitment to the field, initiative in continuing to learn and develop skills, and desire to stay up to date on industry advancements.

"Getting a certificate is a fairly fast and inexpensive way to show your commitment to training excellence," said Scott Enebo, training consultant with The Bob Pike Group. "It's a chance to kick things up a notch."

That said, not all certifications programs are created equal. All too many are just a piece of paper with no real weight behind it, no more meaningful than a participation prize.

"A lot of certifications don't require participants to show any kind of knowledge gained from the course. There's no accountability beyond a person's attendance," Enebo said. "With our certificates at The Bob Pike Group, we make sure that you understand what we've been modeling and what you've been experiencing in the classroom. We also have an online assessment after to ensure you were fully present, paying attention and participating."

What is Train-the-Trainer Certification? 

The Bob Pike Group’s Train-the-Trainer Certification recognizes professional achievement, development, and expertise in a chosen area of concentration. 

If you’re at all familiar with The Bob Pike Group, you know we like to practice what we preach. Our certificate programs utilize the same instructor-led, participant-centered methodology that we teach so that you not only learn, but experience our approach. 

Our Train-the-Trainer Certification programs are an accumulation of five intensive days of training in one of four areas of concentration: Delivery, Design, Facilitation, and Online. You become certified after completing an online knowledge assessment demonstrating your mastery of the methodology and techniques we teach at The Bob Pike Group. Our certificate programs meet the qualifications of Kirkpatrick Level 2 assessments of learning retention.

As a trainer, your performance is assessed based on how quickly and effectively your participants learn. After completing one of our certificate programs, you will:

  • Increase retention rates by up to 90% over lecture-based teaching
  • Reduce design and training time by 25%
  • Increase on-the-job transfer of material by 75%
  • Teach twice as much in half the time

How to know if Train-the-Trainer Certification is For You

You might be thinking, “Well, that sounds great, but how do I know if I’m a candidate for the certificate program?” If you’re asking yourself the question, then you’re an ideal candidate.

You should get certified if…

  • …you feel that you’ve plateaued in your role and want a competitive advantage
  • …you’re not getting the results you’re hoping for and want to improve training outcomes
  • …you’ve been running the same training programs for a while and want to shake things up
  • …you want to develop your skills and master new training techniques
  • …you’ve attended prior Train-the-Trainer workshops want to dive deeper into our method

How to Get Certified 

Getting certified through The Bob Pike Group is simple.

Step One: Select your chosen certification track—your area of concentration.

Step Two: Download the certification application and fax it to 952-829-0260 or call 800-383-9210 along with the application payment of $169.

Step Three: Attend the corresponding workshop in a city near you, or as a pre-conference workshop before the Creative Training Techniques® Conference.

Step Four: At the Creative Training Techniques® Conference, attend 9 sessions in your chosen certification track. Consult the conference brochure to identify relevant sessions. Concentrations are indicated by a corresponding symbol next to each session in the brochure.

Step Five: Complete and receive a passing score on the Online Skill Assessment within 30 days.

Upon completion of these five steps, you will receive the following:

  • A certificate commemorating your achievement
  • Official announcement letter from Bob Pike for your personal use.
  • Use of our exclusive Train-the-Trainer Certification logo
  • Preferred pricing for all future purchases from The Bob Pike Group

Have questions about the certificate program? Feel free to reach out to our certificate program director at 800-383-9210.

Download the conference brochure to learn more about the certificate concentration tracks.

2017 Creative Training Techniques Conference Brochure

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