Top 7 Reasons to Attend CTTC 2017

The Creative Training Techniques® Conference immerses attendees in the philosophy and methodology of The Bob Pike Group’s instructor-led, participant-centered approach to training. Surrounded by training professionals from all over the country, you will be empowered with the experience, connections, and tools you need to start achieving real change in your organization.

There are countless good reasons to attend the 24th Annual Creative Training Techniques® Conference in Minneapolis this September, but we narrowed it down to the top seven. 

  1. Firsthand Experience – CTTC 2017 is the only place where you can experience the power of Creative Training Techniques® in action from the best in the biz. and see for yourself how “learn by doing” techniques motivate people to turn new ideas into action. If CTTC is your first experience with Creative Training Techniques®, prepare to be wowed! 
  1. Exceptional Content – With 40 sessions tailored to the needs of today’s modern workforce, CTTC is chock-full of educational content that will change the way you think about training. Discover the newest Creative Training Techniques®, explore emerging trends and technologies, and gain a fresh perspective on the industry that will recharge your motivation to make breakthroughs back on the job.
  1. 25 Brand New Sessions – We’re being sneaky with this one, because really this should be 25 reasons in itself. As if there wasn’t already enough to soak in at CTTC, we’re debuting 25 brand-new sessions at this year’s conference. Topics include how to engage learners in the digital age, best practices for designing powerful webinars, strategies for incorporating technology into training, and how to use social media to engage millennial learners. 
  1. Networking Opportunities – CTTC provides countless opportunities for one-on-one networking with industry experts and innovators, including keynote speaker Mark LeBlanc. Meet training professionals who are changing the game in a wide variety of fields ranging from Fortune 500 companies to government agencies. You’ll find that you learn as much from fellow attendees as from our training consultants.
  1. Fast-Track Professional Certification – By attending the annual conference, you are already halfway to a professional certification in Creative Training Techniques®. Plan ahead to attend a pre-conference workshop and you can complete all the requirements for certification in less than one week! Choose from one of four learning tracks as your specialization: delivery, design, facilitation, and online. 
  1. Knowledge Share – It’s impossible to attend every session when you’re at a conference. But at CTTC, you can take home the best takeaways from all 40 sessions by participating in the closing debrief led by Becky Pike Pluth.
  1. Immediate Results – Many conferences claim to be inspiring, but CTTC is the only training conference that actually sends you home with dozens of step-by-step strategies for how to make breakthroughs on the job, starting your first day back in the office. Don’t believe us? An attendee at last year’s conference transformed her entire business model using what she learned at CTTC. Attending CTTC will revolutionize your training results and transform your professional life! 

Head to the 24th Annual Creative Training Conference website or download the brochure below to scope out the full schedule of sessions and speakers. Hope to see you in September!

2017 Creative Training Techniques Conference Brochure

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