5 Biggest Mistakes Virtual Trainers Make

Have you made any of them?

Let’s be real. We all probably have.

But until we identify some of the biggest mistakes virtual trainers make, it’s hard to recognize them in ourselves…and avoid them.

We’ve boiled down the five biggest blunders in virtual training, so that you can step around those land mines and instead facilitate online learning that is engaging, memorable and sets your learners up for success.

#1: Not practicing webinar tools


The perfect time to help learners gain confidence with interacting is during the 15 minutes before the session starts.

That's when we do "soft opener" slides, aka ice breaker slides that allow learners to have fun getting to know each other while using various tools that will be utilized in class.

#2: Getting off to a slow start


We need to break their preoccupation immediately with an opener activity, illustration, game, or conversation.

If we start with boring lecture, we'll lose them.

#3: Not creating suspense


One of the easiest ways to create suspense is by promising something you'll eventually reveal to learners.

Such as "10 reasons webinar learners tune out" or "5 biggest mistakes virtual trainers make".

#4: Ignoring myths and objections


Learners who think they know it all will disengage if you don't dispel common myths they might be believing.

And participants won't apply your content if you don't dispel common objections to your content, using stories, research, examples, etc.

#5: Including too much content


This leaves little room in your class for interactive activities that involve learners and hold their interest.

Plus, when we include content that isn't urgent for our learners to know, they'll be less interested in it.

Which of those five common mistakes do you want to improve on the most?

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