10 Reasons Webinar Learners Tune Out

While you watch the movie clip below, be thinking about all the various factors that make this lesson boring.



And did you know that many of the things that made that teacher's learners tune out...are the things that can cause our webinar participants to tune out?

Here are 10 common reasons webinar learners tune out…

#1: Apathetic presenter


If we as presenters don't have passion for our content, then why should our learners?

#2: Learners are insecure about using the webinar platform tools


This includes stamping, typing and drawing on the screen, using the chat box, using polls, etc.

#3: They don't understand the directions


This is especially important during learning activities and conversations.

Maybe they didn't get what you were asking them to do, so they're not participating.

#4: Boring visuals


We've all seen PowerPoints that are copy-heavy, cluttered and overwhelming.

#5: They can't picture success


Maybe we haven't helped them see up front how the content we're sharing with them will help them succeed, and what that will look like.

#6: They don't hate the problem


What problem does your content help them solve? How might that problem harm them?

Maybe they don't know.

#7: No sense of urgency


They might not understand why they need your content immediately.

Not a month from now, not a week from now, but today.

#8: They don't feel empathized with


Perhaps we haven't made it clear in our stories or tonality that we are there to help them.

#9: They think they know it all


Maybe we haven't addressed misconceptions they might hold regarding the problem and/or solution.

#10: They doubt the trainer's expertise


Perhaps they don't know how your research or experience makes you an ideal guide for them.

Which of those 10 reasons do you want to improve on the most?

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