Training Trends to Come in 2019

The new year is right around the corner. It’s time to take a look at the training methods that worked in 2018 and bring those with you to 2019 and which ones to leave in the dust.

Here are 5 top training trends to look for in 2019: 

Gamification/Game-Based Learning

While this was a strong trend seen in 2018, it is suggested that companies will continue to look into using this strategy to engage learners in 2019 as well. Games not only have the power to add to training without distracting participants, they make learning more fun, impactful and can help increase retention. Learn how to create your own games that promote friendly competition, recognize achievement and reward learning and behavior change.

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The average microlearning takes 13 minutes to complete, but most users quit less than halfway through. In addition to gamification, microlearning was another hot trend from 2018 that is likely to continue to be a popular choice of training in 2019. 

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If you think finding a needle in a haystack is difficult, try finding an e-learning program that’s engaging. Now, there’s a challenge! In 2019, we will see trainers try and do just that—make their e-learning courses fun and worthwhile.

Presenters can accomplish this by:

  • Use design elements that make e-learning engaging
  • Make your e-learning participant-centered
  • Recognize when online learning is ideal
  • Determining when to use bite-size chunks (microlearning) instead of long blocks of content

Adaptive Learning

This coming year, presenters will start to focus their trainings on adaptive learning. Adaptive learning is a methodology that breaks traditional models and allows employees to learn at their own pace. It has gained popularity and can be very personalized to each participant. For example, adaptive learning allows employees to be monitored individually and in real time to determine what learning approach will best suit their needs.

It has advantages for younger generations entering the workforce that have expectations around flexibility and interaction. Adaptive learning can be effective at improving efficiency, as well as employee engagement and retention since it allows employees to build confidence and overall expertise.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality are two trends that are popular today and are increasingly becoming more and more popular in presentations and trainings—expect to see a lot more of both of these strategies in 2019.

According to LinkedIn, “The great thing about Augmented Reality is that it can augment the existing content through interesting overlays of graphics and images that can pop out and thrill the learners. More than the thrill, it is the experience itself that helps learners connect to the content better.” 

In addition, “Virtual Reality continues to grow as it is used in teaching various safety-related procedures. … Using a mixture of 360-degree photographs, interactions, and many more elements, VR is becoming a useful experience.”

As 2018 comes to a close, think about the new strategies and tactics you can use in your training in 2019. These are the top 5 trends that are emerging in the new year but it’s always important to stay up-to-date on new ideas and approaches to keep your training relevant and useful. Sign up for the free monthly newsletter from The Bob Pike Group today!

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