Training-Budget Saving Ideas

Having well trained employees contributes to the success of a company, but not all employers have a large enough budget to accommodate. When that’s the case, how do you prepare a training budget without breaking the bank? Here are some training-budget saving tips that will still maximize the return of your training costs.

Tip 1: Early Bird Discounts

Most of you probably already know about early bird discounts for workshops and conferences. Trainers can save $200 on any Train-the-Trainer workshop by registering 45 days in advance. Early bird discounts are also available for the annual Creative Training Techniques® Conference when you register in advance.

Tip 2: Group Discounts

Workshops and conferences often have discount policies that encourage multiple people to sign up at once. If you’re interested in signing up for the 2019 Creative Training Techniques® Conference, think about signing up with a group of people so you can save money on your registration. Plus, if you are a Bob Pike Group Certification Program graduate, you can get a discount as well!

Another option would be team training. This may be a better option if you have a larger group, want to save money on travel costs, spend less time out of the office and tailor the content to your business. 

Tip 3: Nominations/Presentations/Scholarships

Many times, conferences will offer special financial breaks for those who win awards or who are accepted to make presentations—meaning, you may get free registration. This goes for many industry conferences. Some conferences may also have scholarships or registration-fee reductions for particular industries or circumstances.

At The Bob Pike Group, if you are nominated and win a Pike’s Peak Award, you receive free registration for yourself (or whoever will be accepting the award) and 50% off for three additional registrants from the company represented. That’s quite a savings! To nominate someone, including yourself, click here.

Tip 4: Free Webinars

Many training consultants offer free webinars as a way of introducing people to their content and techniques. The Bob Pike Group offers free webinars each month led by training experts.

To find out about more free webinars, check out the creative training networks on LinkedIn. and also offer invitations to free webinars.

Tip 5: Plan Ahead

If you do have a limited budget, plan ahead for how you can maximize those dollars. If you know you want to go to a conference in September (like The Annual Creative Training Techniques® Conference!), pen that in ahead of time so you can a)budget for it in your annual budget so you can get the money approved ahead of time and b)ensure you still have the money you need to attend the events you really want to.

*This blog was originally written by Liz Wheeler in 2011 and has since been updated with new information and content.  

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