2018 Pike’s Peak Award Winner: Wounded Warrior Project

Every year at the Creative Training Techniques® Conference, the winner of the Pike’s Peak Award is announced.

The Bob Pike Group awards an individual or a company that accomplished dramatic training results in the past two years. 

This award provides formal recognition of learning leaders and/or their organization for their implementation of Participant-Centered training that positively impacts performance.

Award winners are encouraged to share what they have implemented and the successes or progress made. Candidates are nominated by colleagues, other learning professionals and The Bob Pike Group Trainer Consultants.

This year, an organization named the Wounded Warrior Project won the award.

The Situation:

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is transforming the way America’s injured veterans are empowered, employed, and engaged in our communities.

WWP asked The Bob Pike Group to evaluate and help improve its four-day Management Academy training program. This course was lecture heavy with facilitators speaking for 23 of the 29 hours spent in session. WWP knew if its facilitators were physically and mentally drained by the end of class, participants were likely exhausted and disengaged too.

The Solution:

The Bob Pike Group equipped WWP trainers to tackle a complete program redesign using participant-centered methods steeped in brain-science.

Trainers used the CPR evaluation of Content, Participation, and Review to design training for maximum retention. The 90-20-10 Rule provided a framework to organize content into easily digestible chunks. And the EAT model laid tracks for employees to Experience concepts first, then become Aware of what they experienced, and finally learn the Theory behind those experiences. 

The training & development team used the Mind Mapping tool to arrange content into Need-to-Know, Nice-to-Know, and Where-to-Go sections. Even after adding group interaction, they reduced the number of training days from four to three. Although redesigning programs is a monumental task, WWP successfully revamped their program and did most of the heavy lifting in-house with skills they acquired from The Bob Pike Group. 

The Results:

WWP discovered the redesigned participant-centered approach decreased lecture time 52%, increased participant involvement 54% and cut training time 25%. The new program reduced training costs by approximately $23,000 annually and returned 50 employees days back to serving clients.


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