Increase Innovation with Effective Design Consulting!

Corporate America is starving for innovation. Hierarchical org charts, pressure for increased productivity and short-term profits are all counter-productive to innovation. How does a trainer help corporations facilitate collaboration and teamwork in this environment and deliver more innovative solutions? 


According to Steve Denning, “the power in the marketplace has shifted to customers and customers insist on ‘better, cheaper, faster, smaller, more convenient and more personalized,’ failure to give priority to innovation is an organizational death warrant.” As Managers are under pressure to produce more with less, they tend to focus on short term financial goals vs long-term development. This is leading to an “innovation crisis.” It’s time to pay more attention to what Peter Drucker said “the only valid purpose of a firm is to create a customer. The best way to increase shareholder value is by delivering value to customers.”

Instructor-Led, Participant-Centered (ILPC) Training Creates More Engagement

This method uses social learning and small groups with interactive activities to create a repeatable process that changes behavior. Ultimately, interactive training saves money and reduces training time since learners are better able to retain the information and apply it back on the job.

One client came to The Bob Pike Group with an unacceptable level of injury and death on the job. They suffered from a rate of 0.61 injuries per 20,000 hours worked, a rate considered to be unacceptable in the industry. The relatively high rate was attributed to a training curriculum that lacked participant engagement, which led to a less than ideal retention of safety information.

The Bob Pike Group designed the Life Critical Skills Training course. The Bob Pike Group training consultants facilitated a results-based design meeting to identify learning objectives and necessary content. Interactive learning activities were incorporated to help learners better retain the information. Participant engagement increased by leveraging leader and participant guides, scripted activities and support materials.

To ensure future training success, a pilot program was conducted and feedback was incorporated to prepare the company’s instructors to deliver the new course.

After working with The Bob Pike Group, the oil company saw their high rate of 0.61 injuries per every 20,000 hours worked drop to their best-ever personal safety record of 0.45 injuries per every 20,000 hours worked.

To effectively implement ILPC training, “be the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage.”

Help People Learn Twice as Much in Half the Time

The Bob Pike Group has helped 95% of Fortune 100 companies with measurable training and performance solutions. There are several workshop options to choose from:

  1. Training Courses: Choose a city and date that works for your schedule. Experience for yourself our instructor-led, participant-centered approach.
  2. Onsite Training: The Bob Pike Group will come to your company and coach your team. It’s a great way to build teamwork and set clear expectations.
  3. Design Consulting: The Bob Pike Group will work with you to customize a complete training program. This includes high level strategy and facilitation across functional areas to ensure corporate training objectives are defined and carried through. Team members are assessed afterwards to ensure information is retained and applied.

Learn how to write effective training objectives with this “Free Guide: 5 Tips for Writing Effective Objectives.

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