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How To Keep Up With Changes In Training

New apps and new training tools are being created every day.  So how do you keep up with it all? Becky has some tips on how you can stay on the cutting edge.

6 Secrets To Creating "Wow" Learning Videos

Authenticity, incentives, surprises they¹re all part of the techniques
Becky recommends you use to create compelling learning videos.  Listen for her six tips.

3 Practices To Build A Great Training Team

Everyone wants to be on a winning team, but how do you build one? Becky has three practices you should use to make a huge difference.

Amazing Future Of Micro Learning

Micro learning is on-demand training done in between formal training sessions. It¹s estimated that more than half of companies will soon be using it.  Becky has tips on how you can design and deploy micro learning to transform your company.

How To Retain Employees? Make Them More Employable

Offering employees opportunities to advance within your organization is one way of retaining them. But what do you do when upward mobility just isn¹t an option for most of your people? Becky says if they can¹t go up, they can move laterally - which prevents boredom and makes them more employable.

Setting Up New Employees For Success

Becky has tips on how to do a kick-butt awesome on-boarding program for new employees.

Dos And Don’ts Of Professional Development

Becky is often asked how she became successful. Today she shares her top four tips on what you should or should not do for your own professional development.

Is Consulting For You?

Being a consultant is one way to work your way up the ladder to success.  But are you cut out to do it?  Becky steps through the challenges you’re likely to face and has suggestions on how to meet them.

It Takes A Buffet To Really Keep Growing

Not everyone learns the same way. Becky says you need to have a buffet of options to help your learners.  She has some tips on how to serve up those tools.

How Much Do I Charge For Training?

What does training have to do with a pair of flip-flops?  In today’s podcast, Becky tackles the issue of value propositions. How do you get people to pay more when your training is worth more?

How To Use Storytelling Effectively In Training

Why are stories such effective tools for teaching? Becky has a story about that.

Put Learners In The Drivers Seat - Anywhere, Anytime, Any Topic

Social media is often a disrupter of training. Facebook and Twitter on smartphones can distract from classroom learning. Despite that, Becky says those smartphones with social media are the future of training.

Four Best Practices For Training And Development

Becky has 20+ years of experience in the training industry. She has four sure-fire ways to make your training and development programs successful. You may be using some of them already!

Success Tip: Treat Your Learners As Clients

You’re likely to go back to a store that values your business.  Becky says you can apply this principle to your classes by valuing your learners’ choices. They’ll be more confident and learn faster!

How Do We Make It OK To Fail (And Ultimately Succeed)?

No one likes to make mistakes, but we learn faster when we do. But the fear of making mistakes can make it harder to learn. Becky says if you make it OK to fail, you set people up for success.

How Our Brains Work For Learning

Your brain is an incredible learning machine, but only if you teach it correctly.  Becky explains the neuroscience behind learning and the simple ways you can apply it to your next class.

How To Make Training Stick

How do you know what you teach is going to “stick” and be used on the job?  If you don’t use it, you lose it! Becky advocates for banning lectures — instead using techniques based on brain science that are much more successful for effective training.

Turning Managers Into Coaches

A good manager needs to wear many hats. One of those hats is “coach.”  Becky has some thoughts on how managers can become coaches to motivate employees to do more and take that next step to grow with your company.

The Future Of Training Is History (And Creepy)

By 2030, 95% of all companies will be using artificial intelligence (AI) to predict what people need to learn. How will AI be able to do that?  Becky says the reason is a little creepy — AI is paying attention to your search history.

Excuses You Love (To Overcome)

You can't use a game to learn when you're dealing with CEOs, right? Wrong!  CEOs are kids, too! Becky tells us how to overcome the favorite excuses people use to avoid participant-centered learning.

How To Make Participant Centered Learning Happen In Your Classroom

Students are more motivated to learn when they're having fun. Here's how you can get every person in the room involved and engaged.  Fun can force critical thinking to happen.

Nine Easy Steps to Active Learning

There's a time and a place for active learning. Becky has the nine easy steps to make it happen today in your classroom.

Designing Your PowerPoint To Be Interactive

Becky has four easy-to-execute ideas that you can use to make your PowerPoint presentations more interactive.  She mentions a game resource that you can find in our links.

Avoiding PowerPoint Puke

Friends don't let friends create PowerPoint puke — it can ruin any presentation. How do you avoid making your PowerPoint presentation a poster child for "don't"?  Becky comes to your rescue in the first of two podcasts about perfecting your PowerPoint presentations.

"Replay All" Sucks - How to Declutter Your Communication

Is your inbox full of unwanted emails? Conversely, are you filling up other people’s inboxes with unwanted emails? Becky has some tips on how to put a stop to it all, declutter and give yourself some needed “white space.”

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Manage Conflict In The Classroom Like You Do At Home

How is a marriage like a classroom session?  They’re both likely to involve conflict that needs to be successfully resolved. Becky has some tips on dealing with the big conflicts that crop up in classrooms that you can practice at home.

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Using Critical Thinking To Make Faster, Better Decisions

There is so much information available on most topics you can spend a lot of time doing research before making a decision. Becky says if you use critical thinking, you can speed up the process and reach a better decision.

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Critical Thinking: When Google Doesn’t Have The Answer

The answers to a lot of questions are just one Google away. That’s a blessing and a curse at the same time. Becky says because the Internet has become a crutch, most graduates these days can’t dig in on their own and critically think. She has some tips on how to become better at finding solutions that just can’t be googled.

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How To Negotiate Without Manipulating

Becky says good negotiating takes a little guts. You need to keep in mind the true interests of both parties and create a positive atmosphere. She has some tips on how you can get better at this critical skill.

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Encouraging Teamwork Encourages Learning

When people feel in control and included, they’re most open to learning. Becky has some tips on how you can make people feel important about themselves to help increase their learning.

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Being Assertive Without Going Overboard

No one likes someone who is too pushy. So how do you get what you want without damaging a relationship? Be assertive. Becky has specific examples of what productive assertiveness looks like and how you can practice it.

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The Art Of ListeningTitle

What’s the most important part of communication?  Listening!  As Becky’s been told many times, we have one mouth and two ears, so listen twice as much as you talk.  Becky has several tips and tricks that will make you a better listener.

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3 Easy Steps To Get The Hard Stuff Done

Do you have a list of projects that never seem to get done because they’re too hard?  Becky says if you don’t tackle the hard stuff first it never gets done.  She has three tips on how you can “eat the frog first” which then makes everything else taste better.


Brian Tracy “Eat That Frog - 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating And Get More Done in Less Time”

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Making Movies Helps Make Memorable Lessons

You really have to understand a subject to make a movie about it.  If you have a mobile phone, you likely have a movie camera.  Becky has some tips and resources you and your learners can use to make movies.

Movie making resources

iMotion HD

Hyperlapse from Instagram 



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