5 Popular Training Blog Posts From 2017

Like every industry, training is continuously evolving, and doing so faster every year. Best practices and trends change with each new generation and technological development. The best we can do as training professionals is to stay up to date and on top of these emerging trends.

To prepare for a new year of trends and changes in 2018, we rounded up the most popular blog posts from 2017. Reading these blog posts serves as a summary of what trends were new and influential in training this year, and which aspects of training are evergreen. By looking back on the year behind us, we can form expectations and plans for the year ahead. Judging from 2017’s trends, what do you think will shape training in 2018?

5 Ways to Use Social Media in Training

Participants browsing social media on their own during a training session can be a distraction. But when you invite social media into the classroom as a training tool, it creates opportunities to increase engagement, provide resources, eliminate barriers, increase retention, and provide real-time feedback—especially when you’re working with younger employees.

How to Identify Your Organization’s Training Needs Before Revising a Training Program

Training has always been an important part of employee development and organizational growth. However, as technology causes our economy to evolve at an exponential pace, employers must revise training programs more frequently than ever before to keep employees up to date. To do so effectively, you must first identify your specific challenges and objectives. 

The Physical Act of Presenting

There are two parts to any successful presentation: the preparation and the delivery. Presentation prep is about organizing your ideas, creating an outline, and practicing. Successful delivery is about the physical act of presenting. Your physical presence and behaviors during a presentation have as much importance for making your message stick as the words you say.

Effective Presentation Opener

Openers are essential for relaxing and engaging your audience. Participants are more likely to participate if they feel comfortable. Introducing your lesson topic in a surprising way can also increase interest in the content to come. In this object lesson from Bob Pike Group Training Consultant Doug McCallum, you’ll need a glass of water, one Advil, and an Alka-Seltzer tablet.

6 Different Types of Presentations

If you’ve been in the working world for a while, you’ve no doubt been exposed to a wide variety of presentation types. Presentations come in many forms and serve many purposes. In the business world, there are six main types of presentations. Master the six types of presentations and you’ll be able to make a presentation for a specific set of objectives like its second nature.

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