5 Benefits of Attending Industry Conferences

Most people enjoy the experience of attending a professional conference. There’s a lot to love: a trip to a new city, a chance to get out of the office and be exposed to new ideas, and fun perks like cocktail hours, celebrity speakers, and free swag.On the flipside, if you’re a manager, you might be seeing dollar signs hovering over everything listed in that first paragraph. You might be wondering, “Why is it worth it to send my employees to industry conferences, when I can sign them up for free webinars they can attend right here in the office instead?” 

There are many reasons why attending in-person conferences doesn’t hold a candle to participating in an online webinar. Read on to understand the value that attending conferences has for employee and development and organizational growth.

  1. Out of Office Thinking – You know how sleeping on a problem can be the best path to a solution? Sometimes you have to take a break from actually doing the work in order to gain perspective and make breakthroughs. Attending conferences disrupts routines and exposes you to new ideas. You’ll return to your work recharged with fresh motivation and inspiration.
  2. Exposure to Experts & Innovators – Conferences will vary in terms of how much one-on-one contact they provide to the experts and innovators, but all conferences offer exposure to industry leaders through sessions and keynotes. The Bob Pike Group is unique in offering built-in opportunities for individual networking with the leading Creative Training experts.
  3. Professional Networking – Not only do conferences expose you to experts, but you’re also surrounded by some of the most accomplished, engaged, and driven people in your field. Conferences like CTTC offer multiple opportunities to meet and mingle with other attendees. Use the time to make new connections and reconnect with prior acquaintances.
  4. Discover New Trends & Tools – Conferences are the best place to be introduced to the latest and greatest in your field, whether that’s a new technique, a groundbreaking tool, or a growing trend. For someone who wants to stay at the forefront of their industry with the most up-to-date knowledge and relevant skillset, attending conferences regularly is a must.
  5. Knowledge Share ­– When an employee attends a conference, the knowledge and insights they gain don’t end with them. They bring that learning back to your company, where they share what they learned with colleagues, pitch new ideas that make business more efficient or effective (or both), and raise the caliber of their own work to a new level. An investment in one employee is an investment in your whole team—and your company.

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