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24th Annual Creative Training Techniques® Conference


Hear From Conference Attendees


Jill Barnet

East Idaho Credit Union

"I went to another training with another company and I wasn't able to bring anything back to the table to refresh or energize. This is what I was looking for. This is the meat and potatoes."


Katie Fowler


“The class really fosters and environment for collaboration, participation and building releationships. The networking is really built in for you.… You’re building not only a network but also a brainstorming opportunity to see things from different angles.”

Carrie Willink

Buffalo Wild Wings

"With a lot of the games and activities that we’ve learned in the last couple of days, there’s tons that we can apply and use in our training sessions."

Kari Devine

Thrivent Financial

"This class is absolutely essential for us to really get that interaction. The social media piece and the adaptive pieces that they are showing in the classes are going to be really really important to our redesign."

Fast-Track Professional Certification

Companies and L&D professionals know the value of commitment, rigor, and excellence in learning. Earn your professional training certification by combining a pre-conference workshop with the learning track of your choice.

Each track is carefully designed to give you a competitive advantage in your professional growth by achieving excellence in one of four designated areas: Delivery, Design, Facilitation, and Online.




A professional certification is only $169 and you’ll receive discounts off future purchases from The Bob Pike Group. For more information, contact us at (800) 383-9210. Register online for #CTTC2017 pre-conference workshops.

2017 Creative Training Techniques Conference Brochure