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Tips for Presenting to a Camera: Preparation

Many speakers, educators and instructors today are being asked to present to a camera in addition to presenting to live audiences. As video becomes ever more prominent as a standard communication medium, it is important to recognize and utilize best practices for presenting to a camera. Here are some key tips for making that happen. Lighting and Background
Avoid using rooms that have no outside light, if possible. Use daylight balanced light to even out your skin tones. If outside light is not available, light yourself from the front to keep shadows from falling on your face. 

Recognize that whatever is visible behind you can be visually distracting. Keep your background as clean and simple as you can. A mess behind you or on a bookshelf can send a negative message about you. If you have a blank white wall, consider placing a dark sheet on the wall, and adding a picture or plant for some visual interest. 

Wear well-pressed, clean, and well-fitting clothing. Wear solid colors, but avoid black and white clothing. Wear clothing that complements you color-wise and fits you well. Avoid clothing with small prints or patterns—they can "vibrate" on video. If you will be standing, make sure the shoes you wear are comfortable. Also, avoid large or loose-fitting jewelry that can make noise. 

Use blotting papers or a light powder to remove any shine on your skin. A shiny face or forehead can be distracting and send a wrong message that you are nervous. Lighting can affect how your makeup looks on camera. Test how your makeup looks by videotaping and reviewing. 

Have a mirror nearby to make sure your hair is looking good. A shine in your hair can actually look quite nice. There are a lot of products that will help you achieve this effect. 

"Tips for Presenting to a Camera: On-Screen" will be in our September newsletter.

By Rich Meiss ©2014 Meiss Education Institute