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Deliver Training that Engages Your Employees

Carrie Willink, Buffalo Wild Wings, attended the 2015 Creative Training Techniques® Conference. She was looking for an engaging way to transfer a lot of information to her team members. She attended a Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp seven years ago and felt the information was invaluable. She was looking for a refresher to get excited about training again!

Carrie’s Favorite Takeaways from the Bob Pike Group Annual Conference

Carrie felt that other training methods of simply downloading information did not fit the Buffalo Wild Wings brand. The Creative Training Techniques® that she learns at The Bob Pike Group give her tools and techniques that she can use right away when she gets back to work. She has games and activities that she can apply in her training sessions.

She loves the networking opportunities within the training industry and new professional skills she learned. She was impressed with how many people there were from different companies. A variety of industries can benefit from this conference, from the restaurant industry to the medical field. There were people from a wide variety of geographical areas as well. There were attendees from Japan, Canada, and different parts of the United States.

The Bob Pike Group Training Gets Results for Your Organization

The Bob Pike Group Workshops provide the techniques you need and opportunities to practice these techniques so you’re confident and ready to apply them when you’re back on the job.

Join us for the 23rd Annual Creative Training Techniques® Conference in Minneapolis.  

Learn how to write effective training objectives with this “Free Guide: 5 Tips for Writing Effective Objectives.