The Group Gallery: An Energizing Revisiter

Brain-based research says that people generally need to review new information at least six times before it moves from short-term to long-term memory. That’s why revisiting is such an important component of your training session. To maximize the impact of your training, make sure you include engaging revisiter exercises at strategic intervals throughout your session to give your learners a chance to rehearse the new information and commit it to memory.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up one of The Bob Pike Group’s favorite revisiters, the Group Gallery.

Start by having your learners form small groups. Provide each small group a blank piece of flipchart paper. Direct the groups to section the paper into as many equal squares as there are group members. Each member should use their square to individually sketch a picture representing the most useful concept they recall from the day’s session. Have the groups post their completed charts on the wall around the room.

Next it’s time for the Gallery Walk. During the Gallery Walk, the groups will move around the room visiting the other charts. As they view the drawings, learners should revisit information, mark concepts they can confidently recall with a star, and discuss drawings with their group members to jog memories and fill in any informational gaps. After all the groups have visited each other’s charts, go around the room having the original members present the concepts they drew, inviting other groups to chime in with additional insights.

The Group Gallery is an excellent review exercise because it is both a revisiter and an energizer. Your participants have an opportunity to reinforce their own learning by sketching an essential concept, to review information they might have missed by discussing the other drawings, and to refocus by moving around the room in the Gallery Walk.

In every training session, it’s important to include a variety of review opportunities in order to keep learners engaged and to enhance learning retention. Looking for more impactful revisiter activities? Check out the book SCORE! Super Closers, Openers, Revisiters, Energizers, Vol. 3 for over 50 new and exciting exercises.



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