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Effective Instructional Design

When you’re attending an interactive webinar or classroom workshop like our Train-the-Trainer Boot Camp, time passes more quickly than if our trainers were just talking heads for eight hours because you’re stimulated and engaged. The Bob Pike Group has created an Instructional Design workshop based on how we design our workshops to help you integrate participant-centered interaction from the ground up.

The eight-step design process can be used to either build a workshop from the ground up or modify an existing program to become more participant-centered.

The workshop also covers aspects of need assessment and designing with business objectives in mind while keeping the learner’s engagement as a priority.

This is a workshop that:

  • Streamlines design and allows for faster implementation with remarkable results
  • Helps you uncover perceived and real needs
  • Shows you how to create courses which are consistent and easily followed
  • Models Instructor-Led Participant-Centered training
  • Allows for participant interaction and practice with the design process
  • Gives you course materials that provide valuable checklists, samples, glossaries, surveys, assessment examples, job aids, and references related to design

If you’d like more information on our instructional design course, click here or call Cindy at 800-383-9210.