Transforming Outcomes With Participant-Centered Training

Every year at the Creative Training Techniques® Conference, we present the Pike’s Peak Award to a trainer who has applied participant-centered techniques to achieve dramatic results in training. The award recipient receives one complimentary conference registration, a personalized Pike’s Peak Award, half-price conference registration for three other colleagues, and a feature on the Bob Pike Group’s website.

And The Winner Is...

This year, the Pike’s Peak Award went to Marque Broussard of Smith & Nephew, a medical equipment company based in Memphis. After attending a workshop at The Bob Pike Group, Marque implemented Creative Training Techniques® to transform a medical device competency course for Smith & Nephew sales reps.

One of the key competencies that Smith & Nephew sales reps must achieve is being able to demonstrate surgical techniques for a given procedure. Complex procedures require knowledge of many different steps and multiple types of instruments. 

Before Marque Broussard and his colleagues went through The Bob Pike Group workshop, training for these procedures consisted of lengthy PowerPoint presentations followed by competency drills that are scored based on performance. Prior to the course, reps completed an online module of the same slides. However, despite this double exposure, reps struggled to correctly demonstrate the steps of the procedure during the competency drills.

Creative Training Techniques® At Work

Hoping to improve scores on the competency drills, Marque used what he learned from The Bob Pike Group to transform the course material from instructor-centered to participant-centered. He replaced his PowerPoint with an interactive group activity designed using Creative Training Techniques®.

Performance on the competency drills is scored on a 5-point scale with 1 being “dependent” skill level and 5 being “independent” skill level. Sales reps who completed the original course scored 2’s and 3’s on the competency drills. After Marque replaced the PowerPoint with the new participant-centered activity, performance increased dramatically, with most reps now scoring 4’s and 5’s.

Smith & Nephew instructors observe that the reps who were trained using Marque’s new method are more clinically prepared than previous classes. The activity and techniques Marque developed are now being adopted across all Smith & Nephew US Sales Training and Education courses.

To learn how Marque turned his PowerPoint into a participant-centered activity and transformed learning outcomes, download the full case study.

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