Time to Create Your Own Results Based Training Design

If you’ve been reading the previous posts about the core principles in an  Instructor-Led, Participant-Centered training session, you’re ready to put it all together with your own results-based training. I’ll explain below what it is and then show what it looks like in practice.

What is Results Based Training Design?


You’ve already done your needs assessment and determined that training is the answer. Now it’s time to get the stakeholders on board to ensure your training is focused on the right objectives. To get better results, make sure people know how to do their parts the best way possible consistently.

Results Based Design is a 16-Step Process that can be boiled down to three essential steps:

  • Identify the business goal.
  • Determine desired behaviors and write objectives.
  • Create content and activities that drive these behaviors.

There are Three Different Ways We Can Help Build Your Training with Design Consulting

We’re available to work with you to create your training session with our consulting services. Whether you create your training yourself or with our help, our goal is to maximize the results you get from your training programs.

  • Rapid Design

The Bob Pike Group works with you after a public workshop on an hourly basis to help you apply concepts taught and directly address issues your business is facing. We can work with you for days or weeks.

  • Deep-Dive Design

We take it a step further here and The Bob Pike Group does everything for you. We redesign your current training program to engage employees and make your training stick. Retention is the key to getting the business results you need.

  • Strategic Design

This option results in a new training program from the ground up. The Bob Pike Group develops your curriculum based on business needs. We also develop training materials that include participant and leader guides to ensure your classes are impactful.

Help People Learn Twice as Much in Half the Time

The Bob Pike Group has helped 95% of Fortune 100 companies with measurable training and performance solutions. There are several workshop options to choose from:

  1. Public Workshops – Choose a city and date that works for your schedule. Experience for yourself our instructor-led, participant-centered approach.
  2. Onsite –The Bob Pike Group will come to your company and coach your team. It’s a great way to build teamwork and set clear expectations.
  3. Design Consulting – The Bob Pike Group will work with you to customize an Onsite Workshop for your team. This includes high level strategy and facilitation across functional areas to ensure corporate training objectives are defined and carried through. Team members are assessed afterwards to ensure information is retained and applied.

Learn how to write effective training objectives with this “Free Guide: 5 Tips for Writing Effective Objectives.

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